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Ghost Art Deco collection cars are finished in either infinity black
or arctic white with dual bespoke coach line and illuminated Spirit
of Ecstasy. Interior styling includes handcrafted Art Deco inlays, as
well as Olympia-inspired motif on tread plates and headrest
embroidery. A black and white interior scheme featuring a choice
of four seat piping colours takes inspiration from the colour palette
of the era.
For over a century a Rolls-Royce motor car has taken inspiration
from the prevailing style of its time whilst retaining the marque’s
unique design aesthetic,” added Giles Taylor, Design Director
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Art Deco was defined by theatre,
glamour and a sense of excitement. Working to create
contemporary interpretations of these classic themes has been
enormously rewarding for everyone in my bespoke design team.”
Akin to the artisans of what is sometimes called high Art Deco,
only the very finest materials are employed and painstakingly
crafted in every model leaving the home of Rolls-Royce in
Goodwood, England. Exquisite cashmere and finest leather
combine to create an interior ambience that cossets passenger and
driver in hallmark Rolls-Royce luxury.
Specially sourced wood veneers, selected for richness and
complexity of grain, are adorned with mother of pearl or silver
inlays - the form and structure of the pieces reminiscent of the fine
cabinet making so prevalent in the Art Deco period.
In early 20th Century design, Rolls-Royce cues provided
inspiration for Art Deco’s leading designers in fields beyond
automobile manufacturing. The Spirit of Ecstasy, the mascot that
has graced the prow of every Rolls-Royce motor car for 101 years
for example, influenced Marcel Bouraine’s Papillon. His 1928
figurine in glass featuring flowing lines and outstretched wings
helped define the decorative elegance of the era.
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