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sheets are of the very highest quality; a delight to nestle in. And to complete
this opulent experience, the bathrooms are equipped with Bang and
Olufsen flat screen televisions and six-CD hi-fi systems.
Throughout each villa, all the small details have been considered to ensure
that guests have the best and most luxurious stay imaginable. All villas have
Wi-Fi, and some even have a small office for those combining work with
pleasure. The hotel management know that in today’s fast-paced world,
successful people need to be connected at all times.
There are so many pleasing little touches like this – and they all add up to
make the villas a superb option for a stay in Abu Dhabi. A clever gadget, for
example, allows guests to dim the lights with a mere flick of the finger. The
wardrobes are lit inside, and the drawers open without a sound. There are
two types of bathrobes: Japanese kimonos and others made from fluffy
white towelling. The CD players have beenmade using the very latest sleek
designs, and their powerful technology brings beautifully crisp and rich
sound into every corner of the building. Each room has its own Elsafe for
precious and valuable items – and the opening and closing mechanism is as
user-friendly as it is secure.
As might be expected, the highly intelligent and thoughtful design shows a
deep awareness of cultural sensitivities. There is a separate room where
women can sit – known as a majlis. As a matter of fact, there is a very large
number of sitting rooms that provide unsurpassable comfort. You’ll never