purpose of this is to open the pores and purify the body – after which guests
receive a massage. The skilled therapists use Black Hammam soap, salts and
natural ingredients to pamper and prepare your body. And the genius of the
hammam is that the humidity from the steam encourages detoxification. A
scrub is applied and washed off before Moroccan black mud mixed with
seaweed is put on the skin to moisturise it deeply. The entire treatment is
completed with a refreshing rain shower to wash off the mud.
When I finished my hammam treatment, I was delighted with the silky
smooth feel of my skin – as luxurious as my surroundings! I found the
Hammam incredibly relaxing and invigorating – a real chance to recharge my
batteries. The experience was even better for knowing that I was participating
in a tradition that went back for hundreds and thousands of years.
Jordana, on the other hand, chose the Element Vitality massage. This is a
gentle and soothing massage that blends elements of shiatsu, Swedishmassage
and reflexology. The technique employs the therapeutic qualities of oriental
aromatic essential oils. It’s designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy, so
that you emerge with a renewed spirit. And Jordana was happy to report that
it worked a treat!.
We had a superbly relaxing time at CHI, The Spa – but the truth is that we
had only really scratched the surface of what’s on offer here. There is a
staggering range of wellness treatments to choose from – and they all sound
like they would be as sublime as the treatments we experienced. For example,
the Philippine Hilot is a traditional massage technique that focuses on ancient
diagnostic methods passed down through the generations. In this massage,
which uses warm coconut oil, the hilot’s skilled hands can detect areas of
energy imbalance and blockages in your body. The technique allows these to
be released, deeply enhancing emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
The facilities at CHI are fantastic. There are 10 luxury single treatment suites
and one couple’s suite. All of them are designed to the very highest
specifications – they are havens for relaxation and wellbeing. CHI has separate
facilities for men and women, with individual relaxation areas that include
incredibly refreshing showers, alongside steam and vitality hydro pools. The
Experience Shower is worthy of a special mention. It uses colour therapy
along with cold and warm jets to revive and invigorate its users. Meanwhile,
the Herbal SteamRoom exudes a mixture of soothing and calming herbs with
steam. It’s the perfect way to relieve and relax tired muscles, while the Vitality
Hydro Pool is ideal for de-stressing both the body and mind.
There are so many brilliant treatments to choose from at CHI, The Spa that
we simply can’t list them all here. But it’s worth pointing out that there is an
option to combine some of the best of them to form a more comprehensive
experience. For example, you can bring together the Element Bath Ritual, the
CHI Balance Signature Massage, and a CHI Harmonising Facial in the
Indulgence of Time’ journey, which lasts for two and a half hours. And if you
have the time, you can even opt for a half-day experience like the Vitality
Ritual. This package begins with an uplifting Element Bath Therapy. It then
takes in a Futuresse Body Scrub and Firming Wrap and a relaxing CHI
Healing Stone Signature Massage, before ending with a CHI Harmonising
Alongside its fabulous treatment rooms, CHI, The Spa also has a yoga room,
two gyms and a swimming pool. But while the treatments may be fantastic,
it’s the attitude of the people you encounter who really make CHI, The Spa
what it is. The therapists displayed a truly intuitive touch. They were experts
in their field, and yet thoroughly welcoming and down-to-earth. This
approach resulted in a truly opulent spa experience. We will certainly be
returning here to sample the spa’s sensory luxury and restorative powers again.
All in all, we had had an amazing stay at the Shangri-La Hotel so far. But
before we left, we had one more thing to experience. We visited the Shangri
La’s health club and its rooftop pool. A glorious swim outdoors on our final
day was absolutely what we wanted. It was a chance both to do some exercise
and rejoice in our fabulous location.