Burrata alla Mediterranea
Cipriani – grandson of the founder of Harry’s Bar
in 2010 (see page 101 for an interview with
Giuseppe’s talented descendant).
You are struck by an ambience of refinement and
luxury as soon as you step into the door of this
superb establishment. Florentine architect Michele
Bonan was recruited for the design, and he has
surpassed himself. The décor is unbelievably
elegant, using mahogany, polished steel, and a stylish
white and blue colour scheme.
Cipriani tells us in his interview that he wanted to
recreate the old-school glamour of a billionaire’s
yacht. Well, he has certainly done that – we can’t
think of anywhere we’ve been that’s more refined.
Bookshelves, sofas and arm chairs create a mood of
relaxed sophistication. The restaurant also aims to
capture some of the character of the original Venice
bar – and here the talented Bonan has really
succeeded in creating a warm sense of nostalgia.
Finally, we just have to mention the LCD screens
displaying scenes of blue skies. Creating the
impression that you’re out at sea, they’re a really
lovely touch.
Our personal favourite part of the restaurant,
however, is the stunning outdoor terrace, which
overlooks the lavish Yas Marina. This is where we
were escorted to by the charming waiting staff on
arrival. It’s impossible to exaggerate how much we
love the terrace. Its round tables covered with crisp
white linen tablecloths, and beautiful lamps lit at just
the right
level, created the
ideal mood of
anticipation for our meal. It was relaxed yet elegant
a perfect encapsulation of the Cipriani spirit.
That spirit is also in evidence on Cipriani Yas
Island’s historic menu, which features signature
dishes from Harry’s Bar in Venice, as well as many
classic Italian favourites. There’s calamari, scallops,
steaks and grills, together with the very finest
contemporary dishes. And they’re all superb: fresh,
well cooked and beautifully presented.
We spent some time deciding what to order for our
appetisers, but when you come to a Cipriani
establishment, it’s hard to resist the Beef Carpaccio.
This is more than a signature dish – it’s an icon. It’s
synonymous with the spirit of luxurious simplicity
which Giuseppe Cipriani pioneered at Harry’s Bar,
and which his family have since taken around the