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Abu Dhabi

About Us

About Us

Simply Abu Dhabi was founded in 2010 and established in 2011 by Arnie S Hira & Jordana Imogen Lynch.


Simply Abu Dhabi is: Your Passport to Pure Luxury.


While many publications move exclusively across to digital, luxury lifestyle publishers such as Simply Abu Dhabi Holdings deliver the best of both worlds and are still offering an inimitable sensory experience to our readers, where publications remain luxurious objects within their own right– like collector’s items.


As a publication we set out to be the ultimate luxury content provider for Abu Dhabi and respectfully maintain this ethos but in this process and by demand, our brand has quickly evolved into something more.


By definition and complimented by both our printed and digital presence, we have catalytically transformed ourselves into a global a communication stage that allows us to showcase luxury with such rich diversity, stretching our focal point across the Emirates into Europe, Asia and America…

What is Simply Abu Dhabi?

Simply Abu Dhabi is a multi-media gateway to all that is elegant, stylish and sophisticated in the world of luxury.


Simply Abu Dhabi is a luxury publication available quarterly in a beautifully printed format.


Simply Abu Dhabi is also a global communication of luxury content in the form of an online portal.


Simply Abu Dhabi works closely with a number of leading luxury brands and every aspect of Simply Abu Dhabi has been designed to captivate the hearts of our elite audience with the provision of our opulent and stunningly presented, luxurious content.


Simply Abu Dhabi is the world’s passport to all things Luxury.


We are simply the best way to communicate Luxury to the World’s finest.


Printed Edition – Circulation & Distribution


  • •   4 Issues Per Annum.
  • •   Printed Copies per issue: 7,000.
  • •   Middle East/GCC Distribution: 5,000.
  • •   Global Distribution per issue: 2,000.
  • •   Readership: 35,000 per issue assuming 5 readers per edition.
  • •   Publication Longevity per issue: Minimum 6 months.
  • •   Total Distribution per Annum: 28,000.
  • •   Total Estimated Readership per Annum:140,000.
  • •   Simply Abu Dhabi is Printed by Government Owned: United Printing & Publishing.
  • •   Simply Abu Dhabi is Distributed by Government Owned: Abu Dhabi Media Company.
  • •   e publication is available four times a year:
  •        •   1. March 17th
  •        •   2. May 17th
  •        •   3. September 17th
  •        •   4. December 17th

Our Off- Line Audience:

Simply Abu Dhabi Printed Publication is distributed strictly by invitation only.


Simply Abu Dhabi is hand delivered to the Royal Families and ultra-high net worth individuals across the Middle East/G.C.C.


Personal hand delivery of our publication to the Royal families, at their Palaces and our elite audience is carried out under an exclusive distribution agreement, between Government owned Abu Dhabi Media Company & Simply Abu Dhabi.


Simply Abu Dhabi’s global distribution reaches Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in London, Paris, Milan, Monaco, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai & Delhi.


More than 90% of our readers are under the age of 45 and all looking to enjoy the trappings of success.

Our Online Audience:

A hyper link to our online edition of Simply Abu Dhabi is circulated quarterly, via an electronic communication, to over 450,000 active and subscribed email addresses globally.


Conservative estimates would easily value our ‘7,000 By Invitation Only’ readers of the Simply Abu Dhabi printed publication, with a combined net worth in excess of $140 Billion US dollars, demonstrating an average net worth of $20 million US Dollars per individual.

Social Networks

Facebook: Simply Abu Dhabi’s facebook page launched in December 2011 and it already has over 100,000+ Organic likes/followers.


Linkedin: Both founders of Simply Abu Dhabi have over 10,000_ commercial connections with various Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Industry Leaders, Marketing Officers and Brand Managers globally.


Both social network platforms are used to promote and optimize the brand awareness of all the associated partners that work with Simply Abu Dhabi.


Every aspect of Simply Abu Dhabi is of the highest quality.


We offer a range of tailored packages, giving you access to the “inaccessible” elite and whether you choose to partner with us through advertising, editorial, profiling or even host events, Simply Abu Dhabi will give your organisation and your brand, the personal service to deliver real results.


We have built a super network of luxury brands who provide products and services at the highest level to satisfy the demands of our ultra-high net worth audience, their lifestyles and even their businesses.


We encourage you to let yourself go and experience the epitome of unashamed pure luxury.


Welcome to our world, welcome to Simply Abu Dhabi.


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