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The California is one of Ferrari’s most popular models and it’s not hard to
see why. The hard top convertible boasts a V8 engine; 7-speed gearbox with
steering wheel-mounted F1-style paddles; a new dual clutch; a new suspension
system (double wishbones at the front and multilink at the rear); F1-Trac
traction control system; and Brembo brakes with CCM (carbon ceramic
material) discs. Plus, the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Programme allows all Ferrari
clients to personalise their car to suit their own tastes and requirements.
It may be a couple of years’ old but The California really is everything you
could possibly want from a roadster (perhaps, minus an in-car personal back
masseur) and has sure earnt its right to carry the Ferrari badge with pride.
The California - Fast Facts:
0-62mph in under 4 secs
Engine: 90° V8 Direct Injection
F1, dual-clutch, 7-speed plus reverse
CST with F1-TRAC Stability and Traction Control System
Double wishbone suspension and multilink at the rear
Personal customisation of interior and paintwork available
Sat Nav, USB connection, Bluetooth, hard disc, voice commands and IPOD connector.