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BlackBerry OS 6: Key Features
Internet &Media
The Internet browser has definitely gone under the knife and
experienced a complete facelift from its Blackberry predecessors,
allowing for a superior quality of user experience for surfing the
internet waves. Internet sites and web pages seem to respond very
quickly and load without causing frustration. There’s also another
very familiar element, the pinch to zoom feature that concentrates
in on a designated area of the web page or image at hand. You can
also swipe the screen to drag pages around and a double tap to
enable instant zoom. It’s my favourite addition and improvement to
Blackberry so far.
It’s quite easy to change pages using different windows as the browser
now supports multiple tabs. Rotating the handset accordingly will
also allow you to view in both landscape and portrait modes.
Tucked away in the media tab there is an array of delightful
entertainment applications which include a video player, a mp3
player, and a voice recorder which is brilliant for sending messages via
BBM. One of the most satisfying new features is the ability to search
music by scrolling through album art.
You can also connect to you personal portfolio of music over Wi-Fi
Blackberry Media Sync. The video player plays in landscape only,
however plays back movies in widescreen with buttons at the foot of
the screen
The Torch ticks all the right boxes in terms of connectivity, starting
with 2G and 3G quad-band support. There is both HSPA for high-
speed downloads and uploads, with class 10 EDGE and GPRS as
back-ups. You can connect to a local Wi-Fi network or hook up with
another Bluetooth device, or listen wirelessly in stereo thanks to
A2DP. If all else fails a micro USB port allows users to connect to a
PC the old-fashioned way via cable.
The device includes a really nice five-megapixel camera, featuring
continuous autofocus, image stabilisation and LED flash, with a
control system that makes good use of the touch screen interface.
Operating in landscape mode, a row of touch icons appears beneath
the onscreen viewfinder, with a central blue button behaving as the
shutter – you can tap this to take a photo or press a physical button
on the top of the device if you prefer.
On either side of the shutter button are controls to instantly turn the
flash on or off, activate GPS for geo-tagging, choose a scene mode or
access the picture gallery. There are more advanced settings that are
available within the menu. For all you budding Speilbergs out there,
you can also record widescreen video in VGA format (640×480
Social Feeds & Apps
To satisfy the increasing demand for mobile social networking, RIM
has attached a new Social Feeds app that is out of this world and so
easy to use. This allows all social network junkies to access a virtual
one-stop shop, pulling in feeds from the likes of Facebook, Twitter,
BlackBerry Messenger and MySpace amongst others. It’s a fantastic
solution that can be bespoke to your liking – you can see all the
items in a single stream or filter it so they are isolated and grouped in
separate lists that can be scrolled from side to side.
As expected from Blackberry, mini versions of business related apps
such as Word, Excel and Power point are also included, making life
on the go even more convenient.
If I was to compare the Blackberry torch to a car, it would have to
be a Rolls Royce Ghost, its everything you want from a product,
class, style, sophistication and power. Its responds well and there is a
fluidity of genius and professionalism throughout the device. Unlike
its competitors it has the ability to sustain modern day technology yet
it combines it with a hint of tradition. This shines through with its
dual keyboard functionality both touch screen and physical, making
it a joy for the user.