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Blackberry Curve / Bold
Fast Facts (Blackberry Bold 9780)
Optical track pad
Built in GPS navigation
5 megapixel camera
Great for email
High resolution screen
BB Messenger
MP3 player
If it were a celebrity:
James Bond meets Sex and The City’s Samantha. Sophisticated, uber-
slick and simply irresistible.
What does it say about you?
A slick business person who cares about making the right impression
and works hard at maintaining their appearance. You reside in either
a fashion-forward capital or in the heart of the stunning countryside
and wouldn’t settle for anything in between. And for holidays?
Always the Four Seasons darling.
The Curve is one of the thinnest and lightest ‘Qwerty’ keyboard
smartphones on the market and the new 3G model offers consumers
a refreshing choice of graphite grey or smokey violet colour handsets,
as well as the usual black and white variations. Whilst the Bold is the
more pricey option, it has everything a serious businessman/woman
needs. No doubt, millions of business deals have been struck over
emails and calls made by CEO’s using their Blackberries on the golf
course or from a beach in St Tropez, as the Blackberry provides you
with a palm-sized office. Though don’t be mistaken into thinking
that the Blackberry is all work and no play. The BB Messenger has
generated a devoted fan base of teenagers world-wide, as a quick
and simple way to keep up with the ‘latest gossip‘ and it‘s quadband
internet facility makes browsing your favourite online stores and
booking a last minute getaway possible any time, anywhere.
iPhone 4
Fast Facts
Face time
Built in GPS navigation
Retina display
Hands-free kit
HD video recording and editing
LED Flash
5 megapixel camera
MP3 player
If it were a celebrity:
Madonna meets David Beckham. An inspirational leader and
trendsetter with followers world-wide. Always refreshing its skills to
ensure it remains in a league of its own.
What does it say about you?
You appreciate art, creative technology and know talent when you
see it. You like exploring new opportunities, trying out your talents
and can turn your hand to anything. You spend your summers in
Marbella and winters in the French Alps. You’re one of those people
that fits in and gets on with anyone and everyone but can be a little
unpredictable. Live life for the moment is your motto.
The launch of the iPhone got off to a bit of a rocky start to say the
least, with consumers and the press questioning its reliability and
build quality. However, four months down the line, the iPhone 4 is
well and truly here and boy we‘re certainly hooked!
With over 100,000 apps available, the Apple App store has hit over
2 billion downloads, making the iPhone by far the best choice for
music, game and film lovers alike. Every major brand has jumped
onto the app phenomenon as they aim to present consumers with a
quick fix solution to anything and everything and all in the palm of
their hands. However, it’s the iPhone 4’s camera that has really seen
this handset step up a gear. Boasting a new high definition feature and
an inbuilt flash powerful enough to light up the entire UAE, it‘s time
to go play!
the r e v i ew