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TRON: Leg ac y
Je f f Br i dg e s , Ga r r e t t He d l und , Ol i v i a Wi l de ,
Mi cha e l She en , Br uc e Box l e i tner
During the time I was writing this appraisal for TRON: Legacy,
I couldn’t but help recall two specific memories. The original
TRON was the first recollection that came to mind, together
with Star Wars, which I can proudly say were my first real sci-fi
experiences at the big screen.
Sure, the plot wasn’t as wholesome as one would like, there was
definitely a big void in character evolution which didn’t really exist
back in those days or daze I should say. However, I can hand on my
heart say without prejudice, that the original Tron for it’s time, was
truly a technological breakthrough in special effects. The world
that the cinema audiences saw were delivered in revolutionary
presentation; it captivated the attention of millions and you can see
why the studios decided to revive the Tron brand.