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A new biopic brings full on action as savvy American assassin Jack —
played by George Clooney — is drawn away from a life on the edge,
when confronted with romance and gospel. But is it too late for the
spoof photographer to get out from this picture of hell?
The American is an exercise in impressive style but falls short in
emotional pull. An atmospheric arty-thriller that’s more of an
aesthetic experience than an emotional one.
Introducing lead actor George Clooney who plays the role of a
top-of-the-line professional assassin named Jack. The American
shows an alternative Clooney to that we are used to. He comes
across somewhat removed from the screen and presents a much more
internal performance than usual as he takes on the character of high-
alert hit man Jack.
A good deal of the movie, directed by Anton Corbijn from a script by
Rowan Joffe, is devoted to the patient examination of Jack at work.
He applies his trade with meticulous care; weighing, measuring,
disassembling and tweaking his special gun with artisanal devotion.
While this exceptionally high level of craft is satisfying, it can involve
us for only so long and the plot does lack an ability to be emotionally
invigorating. Given these structural drawbacks, Clooney performs
fairly well and is convincing as a suave craftsman who dislikes wasting
either words or bullets.
As Jack (or Butterfly as he also known because of the tattoo between
his shoulder blades) retreats to Italy, two unexpected meetings arise
with local priest, Father Benedetto, and prostitute, Clara. And it
is at this point that the movie heightens as we witness the killing
machine’s heart put to the test.
The cinematography holds this movie together. The creatively alluring
screen shots certainly pack a punch and are impeccably composed
frame-by-frame for full-on, high wattage action. Eagle-eye views of
red-tile roofs; glimpses down narrow stone passageways; raunchy sex
scenes; and shots of Clooney in action —The American is visually
Release date: 26 November 2010 (UK)
UAE release date yet to be announced.