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Breguet, the innovator. Classique chronograph 5287 The double-seconds chronometer introduced in 1820 was the forerunner of the split-second chronograph and made it possible to precisely determine split times, or the respective durations of two simultaneous events. Because of this invention Breguet is considered the father of modern chronographs. Today, the Classique 5287 split-seconds chronograph perpetuates this rich legacy and this unfailing spirit of innovation. History is still being written... B R E G U E T B O U T I Q U E S – D U B A I M A L L , M A L L O F T H E E M I R A T E S D U B A I & E T I H A D T O W E R A B U D H A B I – W W W. B R E G U E T. C O M