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I think this comes with age but recently I’ve been thinking about time.
I’m only 36 but the older I get the more time becomes noticeably
valuable. Or shall I say the older we become the more we realize the
true value of time. When we are young it rarely crosses our minds. If
you really think about it, time is the only element that every day we get
less of. It’s a rapidly depreciating asset that we can not manage or have
no control of. It’s a real shame that we don’t value something like time
more than sports cars, yachts, planes, Plasma TV’s and of course and
most of all money. The aforementioned can all easily be exchanged,
added to or even replaced and in certain cases can increase in value. But
not time, time stands still for no one, it is not like money, if you lose,
its gone, if you waste it, its gone, you cant get it back and you cant earn
it back. So time has to be me the most valuable element ever. Time is
ultimately invaluable.
In which case I say you need accuracy when it comes to measuring time
and these master pieces will show you how….