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Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo
The UR-110 is a watch with attitude. From the base of its unusual asymmetrical case to the three arrow-
shaped “torpedoes” flying in formation with the mission of indicating the time, the UR-110 has serious
attitude. Enveloped in a secure titanium case, planetary gearing keeps the three hour satellites in parallel
formation as they take turns to indicate the time as they pass the 60-minute track. An “Oil Change”
indicator alerts the user when it is time for a service; a “Day/Night” indicator helps keep track of changing
time zones; and twin turbines on the back minimize wear in the automatic winding system. 

This new complication is made possible thanks to a construction with three levels of complexity:
• A central carousel providing the complication with stability and equilibrium
• Planetary gearing assuring the parallel rotation of the three hour satellites as they orbit the dial
• Three counter-rotating hour modules - each comprising an hour satellite, minute hand and counter
balance - are each mounted on a planetary gear. These three modules are in constant counter-rotation to
counter the direction of rotation of the central carousel.
The UR-110 continues Urwerk’s radical tradition of telling the time using orbiting satellite complications.
In the UR-110, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch. The satellites follow a vertical line,
graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a downward motion. The ingenuity of this layout lies in allowing the
wearer to view the time discreetly and elegantly without the need to pull a cuff or sleeve back.
The UR-110 is a timepiece in which its technology can be appreciated though the large panoramic
sapphire crystal. As well as indicating the hours and minutes, the UR-110 also features a Control Board
on the dial side with indicators for “Day/Night” and “Oil Change” – URWERK’s service interval display,
as well as small seconds on a sub dial.
The colour of metals prevail on the dial, a colour given pride of place on the predominately titanium
case. The UR-110 is sober with few frills; its ornaments only apparent in the subtle perfection of its fine
finishing. Turning the watch over, the titanium back encloses the innovative automatic winding system
regulated by dual turbines. The UR-110, micro-mechanics have never looked so good!