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Giga Tourbillon FRANCK MULLER
The new Giga Tourbillon is a truly exceptional model which required an extremely accurate development. The
Franck Muller research and development department has once again drawn on all its expertise to carry off this
remarkable technical feat. As the name implies, its special feature is a very large 20 mm diameter Tourbillon that
fills half the watch.
This Tourbillon is the biggest which has been incorporated in a wrist watch up to now. In order to ensure 10
days of power reserve, displayed at midday, the Giga Tourbillon has been given two pairs of spring boxes with a
diameter of 16 mm, in contrast to traditional tourbillons which generally have only one or two.
Traditional winding by the crown, this treasure typifies how-know, strength and precision. A skeleton version
which combines aesthetics with rigidity reveals a highly technical mechanism and perfect styling. The Giga
Tourbillon will be a joy to connoisseurs and fans of exceptional timepieces. A true collector simply could not
pass up the opportunity of owning this masterpiece.