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by j o rdana l ynch
Helena Christensen
Named the ‘Intropia Woman’ for Spring Summer 2011
Hoss Intropia proudly announces Helena Christensen as the face of, and for the first time
photographer behind, the Spring Summer 2011 collections. Helena Christensen was one
of the international supermodels of a defining era having graced countless iconic covers
and walked international runways. She has since gone on to follow her true childhood
passion, photography, and has become an accomplished photographer. Bringing an
original and fresh view, the catalogue is Helena’s personal thoughts and ideas – we see her
Intropia through her own eyes.
Choosing Helena continues the Hoss Intropia brand philosophy; she embodies the
brand’s ethos of celebrating talented, ambitious and inspirational women who have
realized their own dreams. Not only a supermodel, Helena also champions humanitarian
causes that are close to her heart but cites her most important role as a mother. She now
lives between New York and Copenhagen – two cities diverse in their cultural mix and
which both offer inspiration in very different ways.
The Spring Summer 2011 collection combines romanticism with minimalism; delicate
and luxurious silk dresses with strong metal fastenings, tailored jackets and relaxed
washed cottons all match Helena’s look and personality – the girl next door with a tough,
polished edge.
Issa’s Color Lace Capsule Collection launches at
Net-A-Porter In April 2011
Consisting of six tailored feminine dresses in exquisite handmade lace, the collection
brings together intricate detailing with bold vibrant colors designed to encapsulate the
confident modern woman while reflecting the exotic sun swept landscapes of India.
Add a contemporary pop of color to your summer wardrobe and choose from vivid
shades of canary yellow, teal, intense red, fuchsia and royal blue. Or, pick optic white for
fresh summer simplicity.
“I keep the busy, cosmopolitan Issa woman in my mind when designing easy-to-wear,
effortless dresses; she is always on the move with her eventful lifestyle. Understandably,
she doesn’t always have the time to shop which is why I adore
I can
browse the collections, shop by trend, view old favorites and discover upcoming designers
all in my own time to fit around my hectic schedule,” states Issa Founder and Designer
Daniella Helayel.
“We have worked with Issa for years and have watched the brand go from strength to strength
while garnering a loyal following of fans, most notably Kate Middleton, who in choosing to
wear Issa to announce her engagement created nothing short of a media frenzy. Daniella has
created a truly stunning series of dresses in a spectrum of colors that are bang on trend and I