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Headquartered in Pforzheim, Germany, the name Hellmuth is synonymous with beautiful jewelry that
strikes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary designs. For more than 25 years, Hellmuth
has created exceptional fine jewelry with craftsmanship and an attention to detail that would be expected
from one of Germany’s premiere jewelry design and manufacturing companies.
With a well-deserved reputation for creativity, the company is perhaps best known for its Croco jewelry. Inspired by
nature, Hellmuth Croco jewelry features an elegant pattern of crocodile skin interpreted in gold, often juxtaposed with
diamonds and precious stones. This pattern also pays homage to a family tradition that goes back three generations.
As early as 1870, company founder Gert Hellmuth’s Great Grandfather, Karl Friedrich Hellmuth, was manufacturing
fine jewelry and bracelets for watches in crocodile skin. Passing these skills to his son, Eugen Hellmuth, the tradition of
Crocodile watch bracelet manufacture continued. Eugen’s son Ewald also embraced this legacy of skilled manufacture
- crafting superb Crocodile watch bracelets right up until retirement in 1976. Today, Gert Hellmuth continues the
tradition of working with Croco patterns in his jewelry and expanding further on the concept, has introduced a
stunning new line of high-end watches, many of which feature a croco motif in their design.
Once a well kept secret, Hellmuth is becoming known around the world as some of today’s leading ladies choose
Hellmuth jewelry to wear at important events including the Golden Globes, the Emmy Awards, The Academy Awards
(Oscars) and the SAG Awards. Hellmuth pieces have been worn recently by Penelope Cruz, Marisa Tomei, Hilary
Swank, Cindy Crawford, Rihanna, and Ali Larter, and have also been featured in high profile magazines such as Vogue,
Elle, In-Style, Entertainment Weekly, and Ocean Drive among many others. Today, Hellmuth is a truly global brand
with boutiques in locations as unique as the jewelry, including such exotic destinations as San Juan Puerto Rico, St.
Petersburg Russia, Geneva Switzerland, and Baku Azerbijan.