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About Gert Hellmuth
Company founder Gert Hellmuth is an innovative designer with an uncommon passion for creating exquisite jewelry.
The design and manufacture of Hellmuth fine jewelry is a perfect blend of art and science, requiring the highest levels of
construction expertise and the deft touch of an artisan. This balance of ideals can be found in every piece that Gert
Hellmuth creates.
“I am constantly sketching out new ideas,”
says Gert.
“And to see these initial drawings come to life as
finished jewelry is as thrilling for me today as it was when I first started on my career.”
Simply Good is more than just a
company slogan, it is a personal guarantee by the company founder.
“Buying fine jewelry is a special event, and for many
people it marks a significant time in their lives”
says Gert Hellmuth.
“For this reason, we design and manufacture jewelry
that is beautiful, artistic, timeless, and made to exacting standards. Simply Good is a term that guides everything Hellmuth
has accomplished in the last 25 years, and will continue to do so in the future.”