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Convenient fingertip interaction with the web and
applications has just got even better. With the same
touch-friendly user interface as the iPhone, the bigger
screen means you’re not struggling to access applications
or the web, but can connect with speed and efficiency.
With access to a huge collection of applications and games
in the application store there is sure to be something to
appeal to everyone. Checking emails, watching films
and reading books – it’s all available on the iPad 2. Web
pages are displayed accurately and with lightning speed
and although it doesn’t support flash this doesn’t pose a
significant problem as most sites also provide flash-free
page design.
Faster and clearer
The improvements that have been introduced to the
Apple iPad 2 make the overall user experience more
pleasurable. With the obligatory software update for a
new Apple product release, the upgrade to iOS 4.3 is
what offers the speed improvements. The performance
enhancements mean that everything is faster and clearer.
Loading websites, switching between applications,
starting games – it’s all faster and better. IPS technology
offers fantastic viewing angles on the clear iPad screen that
remains the same size at 9.7-inch with an LED-backlit
display with 1024×768 resolution. After all this upgrade
is about enhancements to make the user experience better
rather than making changes for changes sake. With a
display that adjusts to fit, whatever way you turn the
iPad 2, in portrait or landscape, LED backlighting makes
whatever you are viewing appear incredibly bright and
vivid, even in situations with low light, like on a plane
Apple iPad 2 Battery Power
With regards to the battery life, we got around 5.5 hours
of consistent downloading apps, Wi-Fi surfing and playing
Angry Birds, which for duration is very respectable. The
extra processing power doesn’t seem to be provide any
additional strain or drain on the battery.
Fun factor
Front and rear cameras allow for a little fun rather
than serious photo editing. With its new 0.3 megapixel
front and 0.91 megapixel rear camera, you can have
amuse yourself with the Photo Booth application with
a straightforward functionality that allows you to create
silly photos, playing around with pre-set effects. You can
also the front and rear facing cameras for the video calling
application, FaceTime, to chat to people who have a Mac,
iPhone 4, iPod touch or iPad 2.
At just 8.8mm thick you may be afraid of damage.
Don’t be. The iPad 2 is surprisingly robust, although it is
recommended that you invest in one of the new Smart
Covers. So much more than just a protective cover, it
connects magnetically to the side of the tablets and works
like the lid of a laptop, both locking and waking your iPad.
For the image conscious amongst you, the covers will also
be available in 10 different colours!
mo r e a t y our f i ng e r t i p s
Take a taste of the Apple
With the Blackberry Playbook, LG Optimum Pad, HTC
Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 all to come, the
tablet market is going to be booming in 2011, especially
in thee next three months. And with its mind captivating
new build, new cameras and improvements in the engine
room, complimented with the unrivalled App Store/
iTunes/iOS ecosystem the next-generation iPad is clearly
the one to beat. So, whether you’re a fan of the original
and oh, so quickly, out of date iPad or new to the Apple
phenomenon, the iPad 2’s aesthetically pleasing all new
design with two powerful cores and faster graphics is sure
to capture your imagination. As Apple say, you’ll feel the
difference when you pick it up and you just won’t want to
put it down.