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Added attractions
Many attractions await the visitor to Abu Dhabi. On
Yas Island, the much-talked-about Ferrari World is the
place for thrill seekers and Ferrari enthusiasts. The world’s
largest indoor theme park, some of the rides are not for
the faint hearted – such as Formula Rossa, the world’s
fastest rollercoaster – but with more than 20 rides and
attractions beneath the huge iconic red roof inspired by
the double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, there
is something to appeal to everyone. If you’re not looking
for a mad adrenalin rush there is plenty of opportunity for
shopping, a diverse range of wonderful eateries and the
fascinating interactive Ferrari Gallery.
Sporting spirit
Over the past few years Abu Dhabi has worked hard
to further bolster the country’s flourishing tourism
industry by hosting more international sporting events
and has developed a reputation as a major international
sporting events destination. Since Abu Dhabi hosted
its first Formula One in 2009 this reputation continues
to be reinforced. Every year, Abu Dhabi plays host to
competitive sporting events with a global following
such as golf, motorsport and athletics. Outdoor and
adventure sports have also risen in popularity in Abu
Dhabi. Whether you prefer to participate or simply relax
and spectate, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to indulge
all your sporting passions. From canoeing to car rallying
to cricket – Abu Dhabi has the desert, the water, and the
open green spaces – for you to do it all. When you visit
Abu Dhabi you can also gain a valuable insight into local
sports like camel racing, falconry and horsemanship.
Well worth a visit
After experiencing the vibrant culture, heritage, beauty
and luxury of Abu Dhabi for yourself you are sure to
agree it more than deserves its status as one of the world’s
top ten destinations and with developments continuing
apace things are set to get even better. Fast becoming
another playground for the rich and famous, Abu
Dhabi is the perfect place to indulge and escape for the
ultimate luxurious break and attracts visitors from around
the world. However, with its strong sense of identity,
spiritualism and culture, it also makes an ideal location for
calm contemplation and reflection. What more could you
want? Abu Dhabi has it all and is waiting to welcome you.