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A luxurious haven fit for Kings & Queens.
Its 7.30am and we have just touched down at Abu Dhabi
airport. Unfortunately only one of us got some sleep on
the Etihad flight over fromManchester to Abu Dhabi, so
as you can imagine, one half of A&J is very cranky and
eager to get to the hotel – ok I admit that’s me – the lovely
Jordana can sleep through a tornado. We exit migration,
only to be pleasantly greeted by a suave middle aged chap,
who is fully suited and booted in a very Victorian toft
style manner, donning a crinkle free long tail coat and tall
hat. He is confidently holding up a sign with our names
clearly illustrated in a beautiful script style font. We look
at each other like we have just won the lottery and can
not help but grin in glee. We have no idea what means
of transport awaits us but based on initial impressions,
we are overwhelmed with excitement. We walk about 3
minutes out of the airport and awaiting us, with an almost
regal presence, is a bright white Rolls Royce Phantom.
Ok in the UK and the EU, we would feel a little awkward
but we are in Abu Dhabi and nothing is done in halves.
The Emirates Palace anticipated our arrival and they have
definitely made an ever-lasting first impression. We are
well chuffed.
Driving through Abu Dhabi’s business area past the major
bustling shopping malls and many local attractions we
knew we would be arriving at our incredible destination
in no time and our adrenalin was surging at full force. A
majestic sight to behold, pulling up at the Emirates Palace
Abu Dhabi all our senses were sent reeling as we set eyes
on this enchanting landmark and we knew this would be
a stay to remember. After all, this is a top end hotel with
facilities to match such as its own private beach exclusively
for the use of guests. Located in the capital of the United
Arab Emirates, the outstandingly lavish Emirates Palace is
a national treasure and one of the most impressive hotels
and conference venues ever built.
With so much to see, do and discover in Abu Dhabi,
we were about to do it from the lap of uncompromised
luxury. The magnificent interior is truly breathtaking and
it’s hardly surprising that many guests seemed rendered
speechless upon arrival. As you walk in you can’t fail to
be swept away by airy hallways, marvellous marble domes
and flowing fountains. We could almost breathe in the
luxury that fills the air and sits so comfortably in every
recess of the hotel. No words or images can truly justify
the effort and detail that has gone into the development of
this magnificent venue, in fact it should not be considered
a hotel and only thought upon as a Palace in every sense.
We had just entered a serene paradise to indulge
the senses. We were welcomed by the ice cool, Mr
Mohammed Alaoui, who is one of the Communication
Managers at EP together with Mr Hazem Harfoush, both
eager to ensure the fluidity of elegance and class that we
had already become accustomed to upon our arrival at
Abu Dhabi airport. After the swift check in, we were
taken to our beautiful room, and escorted there by our
very own Butler; Mr. Dipak Kumar Das. A chap whose
origins stem from South India and someone who is a real
gem as a person, his dedication and loyalty to Emirates
Palace is second to none. His pride and enthusiasm about
the Palace only depicts a level of content rarely found
by employees in Hotels these days. EP obviously look
after their own and it shows on all their employees and
management! Dipak kindly showed us round our room,
which to be fair, can’t really be described as a room but
more like a mini apartment. Now, we are trying not to
be overly bias and don’t want to come across as if the
architecture of this article has been co-ordinated by EP
themselves, but even the energy in the room was amazing,
we felt warmth, comfort and most of all, it was like a
home away from home.
Every element of the hotel creates an environment and
ambience befitting of VIPs and that level of attention was
afforded us throughout our stay. Yes, we were staying in
a palace and every day we were reminded of it with the
first class service and impeccable attention to detail. We
have received royal treatment at the hands of not just our
personal butler, but also every other member of staff we
have encountered.
Unrivalled facilities
With a huge auditorium and ballroom, 40 meeting
rooms, 302 majestic rooms and 92 opulent suites, this is
an experience fit for Emperors, Kings and celebrities –
many of whom have enjoyed the hospitality of the palace
experience for themselves. High end boutiques such as
Versace and Rodeo Drive (Designer Clothes Boutique)
and Al Kunooz Jewelers are all located within the lobby
of the hotel for those wishing to treat themselves or loved
ones to something very special. There are also two pools
– one on the East Wing designed for relaxation with its
swim-up bar and sheer spaciousness and one on the West
Wing with slides and waterfalls to appeal to families – so
everyone is catered for. We took full advantage of the
chance to chill out at the East Wing Pool and soak up
some glorious Abu Dhabi sunshine.
Combining the ultimate in generous comfort with state
of the art technology, our suite was a truly divine haven
with a breathtaking gold interior adorned with the finest
marble. The decor – a masterful blend of Arabian regal
grandeur – cleverly incorporated the latest cutting edge
gadgetry for our comfort and convenience. We could
easily operate the many appliances including lights, air
conditioning and in room entertainment systems via a
touch screen hand held control. With Wi-Fi connectivity
and LCD screens as well as divinely comfortable beds
and furnishings, this was the perfect place to relax and
unwind. Our private balcony was a place we could sit and
reflect on the amazing events of the day before heading
off for a gastronomic treat at our choice of sophisticated
venue. With something to appeal to every palate, we were
determined to take a culinary journey around the world
and sample as much as possible during our stay!
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