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Exotic fish dishes
Located on the ground floor with breathtakingly
spectacular views of the beach and the marina with both
indoor and outdoor seating, the interior boasts colours
reminiscent of the Arabian Gulf and to be perfectly
honest, a hint of Avatar meets Tron but believe us, this
is not a bad thing. Sayad is almost prematurely too cool
for school. Whilst outside the glistening blue waters
provide the perfect backdrop for a fine dining experience.
We passed the tanks of lobster displaying our potential
dinner – you can select your own and it will be prepared
to your individual taste – and so our anticipation was fully
heightened simply by entering the restaurant. We chose
to sit inside to take advantage of the stunning ambience
created by the cleverly perceived decor. Three private
dining rooms are also available that can accommodate
up to eight guests. For a casual dinner with friends it
provided the perfect setting, but we could also appreciate
how the couples around us were lapping up the romantic
atmosphere. Fine furniture and impeccably dressed staff
add to the serene sophistication of Sayad’s sea food scene.
The sea world ambience was truly fitting to a menu
of divine seafood with an Asian influence. The menu
has a new contemporary twist thanks to the vision of
new Chef de Cuisine Shaun Anthony. His 3 Michelin
Star training certainly shines through and we felt
honoured to have the opportunity to dine in such a
distinguished restaurant, amongst discerning diners.
More so, as we got an opportunity to chat with Shaun
Anthony, who was surprisingly laid back and relaxed
considering the restaurant was unsurprisingly at capacity.
We think the fact that he is perfectly complimented
by the incredible, Mr Zsombor Mehesz, a refined and
distinguished Restaurant Manager, who executes and
delivers sheer perfection in terms of service and customer
communication. Guests from all over the world gather to
be served by friendly and courteous white gloved waiting
staff. As we surveyed the menu, creative dishes produced
with superb finesse passed our table and tantalised our
taste buds so we couldn’t wait for our own meal to be
served. And when the food arrived it was well worth the
short wait.
We couldn’t fault the service as generous portions were
served by highly attentive staff. Plates of seafood that
took visual presentation to a whole new level were set
before us feeding the eyes before we even took a taste.
We both went for the Champagne Degustation, which
is a unforgettable 7 course set menu accompanied by 3
Champagnes - a delectable feast that was truly satisfying
and provided more than enough for four!!!. The starter
– otherwise known as Amuse Bouche – was Tuna with
avocado-tomato salad, purple shiso and togarashi. Then
came the Foi Gra with strawberry, rhubarb on a French
toast. To break things up we were served with a Sweet
corn sup, with king crab and curried popcorn. The starters
were accompanied with a generous glass of Laurent Perrier
Rose. For the main we had a choice of Lemon Sole with
fine herbs or Wagyu Striploin served with oyster blade,
wild mushroom pumpernickel and celery root. J went
for the beef while I opted for the fish. I have no idea how
we managed to get through the starters, let alone the
main. All I knew was that the return journey on Etihad
would incur extra cost due to excess weight and it wasn’t
our luggage that would be taken into consideration.
Desserts were ridiculously ravishing, although I think
two desserts per person is way too much. We were greeted
with a Lemon tart, with hazelnut, manuka honey and
mascarpone followed by a Chocolate Explosion. We don’t
think the chocolate explosion needs any explanation –
just think of every kids’ dream come true! The cooling
Jasmine scented towel was the perfect finishing touch to
an elegant dining experience.
The perfect catch
With so many delicious scents filling the air, Sayad is a
place well worth a return visit. There is a five-course set
menu offering everything from sublime sushi to the day’s
catch. Meat dishes are also available should you desire
them including a tempting Wagyu Sirloin and Lamb3.
But with such delicious fish dishes such as Halibut with
artichokes and succulent Ocean Trout in salt and honey
to choose from, your loyalties may be divided and you,
like us, may decide more than one visit is in order to taste
all the fine fare on offer. An extravagant dining delight
awaits visitors from 6.30am to 11.30pm.
A&J would like to thank Zsombor Mehesz and Chef
Shaun Anthony and all the devoted staff at Sayad for
their warm welcome and for providing us with a deep
sea culinary experience to savour. Working with the best
sustainable produce available in season to provide an
extensive menu of seafood that matches the opulence of
the Emirates Palace, we thoroughly enjoyed our Lavish
Arabic dinner. When it comes to stunning fresh seafood,
Sayad is certainly the catch of the day.
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