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Mezlai is the latest restaurant acquisition for the hotel
and specialises in a wide variety of the UAE’s most
famous local cuisines under the supervision of Head
Chef Ali SalemMusbeh Al Badawi. The restaurant offers
many traditional dishes alongside some ‘fusion’ options
delivering a cosmopolitan spin on local staples with an
undeniably appetising outcome – one we were more than
happy to sample.
The first traditional UAE restaurant
Mezlai’s authentic decor and music focus on a local
heritage theme to create a gloriously traditional
atmosphere with all the lavishness A&J have come to
expect of the Emirates Palace. A contemporary and
unique interior manages to stay true to the culture it
so passionately reflects. After being welcomed with
traditional Arabic coffee and dates in the locally themed
majlis, the relaxed hospitality meant our evening
continued in opulent style. The UAE has a range of
magnificent traditional cuisines that are distinct from
other countries in the region and Mezlai showcases this
wonderful distinction with ease.
The food is cooked to reflect the real identity and heritage
of the UAE.Combining a cooking style based in tradition
but with a modern twist, the Chefs at Mezlai hope to
spread the international appeal of traditional Emirati
cuisine. From our culinary experience in the restaurant,
we believe this will be easily achieved. Having spent a
more than pleasant evening appreciating the traditional
ingredients we know that the Chefs at Mezlai will appeal
to a global clientele without turning their backs on their
heritage. We expectantly savoured every mouthful of the
authentic Emirati dishes we ordered enjoying excellent
ingredients prepared to absolute perfection with the ideal
blend of genuine flavours and herbs. Our taste buds were
tantalised with a delicious starter of Emirati pan fried
fish egg salad with onions, garlic, lemon and local spices.
Mezlai specialises in local flavours and our main of Lamb
Madfoun didn’t disappoint.
The menu also tempted us with regional favourites
including the mixed grill with fresh baked bread. The
grilled ostrich being taken past us to another table looked
spectacular and everywhere we turned diners were tucking
in with gusto. It wouldn’t have mattered if A&J had been
full after such a delectable meal, the collection of Emirati
desserts on offer were simply too attractive to ignore.
From the stunning range of truffles and sweets available,
we sampled Al-Tubidah, Al-Asedah and Sawaqah – a
true taste sensation and a fitting finale to such a mouth
watering meal.
Discover a distinctive Emirati experience
Our evening at Mezlai allowed us not only to try some
divine authentic Emirati food, but also to celebrate
a imitable nation and A&J would like to thank the
passionate Chefs and the friendly waiting staff for
serving us with speed and efficiency. It was a pleasure
to experience the UAE’s first luxurious restaurant of its
kind. Mezlai is open for lunch from 12.30pm until 3pm
and dinner is served between 7pm and 11pm. So, for
an authentic culinary experience whilst staying at the
Emirates Palace, try Mezlai. It won’t disappoint.
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