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In a vibrant and stunning social setting we didn’t notice
the hours passing – we were too busy enjoying every single
second. Etoiles @ Emirates Palace certainly has it all.
Encompassing an avant-garde restaurant, sophisticated
lounge and lively club, fine dining meets vibrant, heady
nightlife entertainment and pulls in elegant crowds. A
popular hangout among Abu Dhabi’s elite, the dress code
reflects the eclectic vibe – very impressive.
With a choice of high class restaurants at the Emirates
Palace, this time food wasn’t the main focus of our
evening, yet the choice of European influenced cuisine on
the A la carte menu created by Michelin rated award-
winning Chef Dean Bouvet has captured the interest of
our appetites for a prospective revisit.
Arabian ambience fit for Kings
Characteristic of the palace environment, we felt like
royalty and with the stars twinkling in the sky above we
ventured inside for a night of entertainment fit for kings.
In the lavish lounge, glamorous friends chat, cultures
converge and opulence reaches a whole new level. We
were invited by some friends we made on the night, to
join them at their private table which happened to be
the best one in the house and included an enthusiastic
yet efficient and very polite waitress for the evening,
providing us with a relaxed social setting for the evening
ahead. Reserving a table is not a prerequisite, but we’d
personally recommend it as it’s clearly the place to be seen
and it does get very busy. It was also perfect for a spot of
people watching and with such fashionable clientele, it’s
impossible not to appreciate the people around you.
With contemporary decor and a refreshingly modern
vibe, Etoiles is the place to gather for live performances by
well-known artists, the place to spot celebrity guests, the
place to dine with an air of exclusive sophistication, the
place to meet, the place to dance. In fact, to sum up our
amazing experience, it’s quite simply the place to be. The
restaurant, the lounge and the club all complement the
fabulousness of the hotel itself and combine to create the
ultimate evening of entertainment and repose in a social
setting fit for royalty, hanging out with Abu Dhabi’s elite.
If like us, you appreciate internationally acclaimed DJs
who use their talent to produce a gloriously creative
ambience with some top tunes, then we couldn’t
recommend the Etoiles experience enough.
Smooth grooves and sophisticated style are just what
we expect from a great night out and we weren’t
disappointed. As the evening wore on the club did get
much busier, which is surely testament to its popularity
amongst both the locals and travellers looking for a
beautiful environment in which to meet, eat, dance and
let their hair down. With a huge dance floor overlooking
moonlit waters, a fantastic crowd of revellers and a superb
selection of drinks, this is the social scene that allows for
pure and unadulterated indulgent escapism – exactly what
a stay at the Emirates Palace Hotel calls for.
the emi ra t e s pa l a c e e nt e r ta i nme nt j ewe l
Etoiles opens for dinner from 7pm to 11.30pm and the
club opening hours are Monday to Wednesday, 11pm-
3am and Thursday and Friday 11am – 3.30am. A&J
would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who
contributed to making our evening at Etoiles so utterly
fabulous, especially Ryan the young mixologist behind the
bar who poured the perfect Italian Mohitos. We couldn’t
have been more warmly welcomed. Clubbing in Abu
Dhabi does not come much better than this.
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