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And what a treat it was!
With awe-inspiring regal architecture, stunning Moroccan
inspired interiors and sumptuous Thai- style furnishings,
when you step through the door you know that it will be
an experience to be savoured by both body and mind. The
calming sound of running water can be heard echoing
from the exquisite tiled walls and the theme of tranquillity
ensues throughout your visit.
First class facilities
Within the elaborate and exclusive Moroccan-style
Hammam, life takes on deeper meaner as you let go of
your troubles and surrender to the many health benefits
of the massages and treatments on offer. The Hamman
takes opulence to a whole new level with its dramatic
arches, double-heated marble beds, huge Jacuzzi tubs,
steam rooms and water fountains. Whatever stresses and
strains everyday life may throw at you, when you step
into this palace paradise, any anxieties will ebb away in a
relaxing environment where inducing harmony and calm
is of paramount importance and the facilities are second
to none.
Totally tempting treatments
The Spa menu is designed to tantalise – you can almost
feel yourself unwinding simply reading the descriptions
of the range of incredible facials, massages, steam rituals
and body treatments on offer. With aching muscles, I was
tempted by the Ayurvedic Massage with its promises to
calm my mind and lift my spirit. This glorious full body
massage uses warm Ayurvedic oils to alleviate muscle
tension and improve circulation. Developed in India
5000 years ago this ancient healing technique worked
wonders on my stressed body. It wasn’t long before I
could feel every inch of my body succumb to the soothing
touch of the therapist’s hands and my mind drifted off as
I reach a level of relaxation that was almost meditative.
After 90 minutes I was totally rejuvenated and could feel
how relaxed my body had become as I washed away the
treatment oils in the Vichy shower room surrounded by
calming heated marble.
The lady opted for the signature treatment – Gateway to
Arabia – an incredible therapeutic journey that celebrates
the rich tradition of the Moroccan Hammam. Having
soaked in muscle-soothing steam fragranced with the
most delicious essential oils, her skin was then polished
and scrubbed with black olive soap and more essential oils
before being treated to a thorough massage carried out
with great skill and precision. The treatment concluded
with an invigorating visit to the ‘ice cave’ with its soothing
heated marble benches. Wrapped in soft, comfortable
robes and feeling suitably pampered, we reconvened and
settled in the haven of a traditional Majli where we were
greeted with refreshments of herbal tea and sweet cookies
– a truly divine ending to a perfect couple of hours
indulging mind, body and soul.
the ul t ima t e i ndul g e nc e
A diamond experience
Anantara – the flow of water without borders – is a
healing journey through the wisdom of the ages. The
combination of intoxicating aromas and exotic oils with
trained therapists committed to delivering excellence
makes for a serene experience that will leave you feeling
radiant. The Spa even offers a ‘Diamond Experience’
using genuine diamond dust! Sourced by ethical means
and combined with cutting edge science it stimulates
and restructures skin in a harmonious treatment that is
very popular in Hollywood and is said to deliver amazing
results. So whether you want to pop in for a facial or
experience the ultimate in spa treatments, you’ll emerge
from the Antantara Spa feeling a million dollars – just like
we did!
A&J would like to thank the therapists and all the staff at
the Antantara Spa for treating us to the ultimate indulgent
spa extravagance. With a sense of tranquil well-being,
both from the inside out, we left the spa we felt totally
re-energised and glowing. We’ll certainly be back for more
on our next visit.
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