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Amongst the extravagant and opulent surroundings
of the Emirates Palace there should always be time for
prayer and reflection. For us, the Mosque truly reflects
the spirit of Islam – a religion of peace and tolerance –
and was the perfect place to take time out for some quiet
contemplation. With such strong beliefs, our visit to the
Mosque wasn’t about trying to understand spirituality,
but the opportunity to pray in such an awe-inspiring
environment certainly reinforced our faith.
It is clear that people are drawn to the Grand Mosque for
all manner of reasons – for sightseeing, to be educated, to
marvel at the architecture, to reflect on life – but whatever
the reason this sacred structure seems to touch everyone.
A&J would like to recommend that anyone visiting Abu
Dhabi makes time in their schedule for a visit to the
Mosque regardless of your religious views and warmly
thank our fantastic tour guide.
We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our visit and
the image of the stunning building has left a deep and
lasting impression with us, as we’re sure it does with
everyone lucky enough to experience the Grand Mosque
for themselves. We would like to send a Big thank you to
Michelle Sabti, who is the head of visitor services for the
Imagery by Steve