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Well Ladies & Gentlemen, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? It certainly does when
it comes to Abu Dhabi. In fact, for us it travelled at what felt like a supersonic speed. What
can we say? We have been pampered, spoilt rotten, and treated like true Royalty and we have
nothing but praise and positivity for this culturally refined and elegantly poised Capital.
Abu Dhabi is quite simply for everyone. The thriving and ever increasing city is becoming a
globally recognized hotspot and is already being earmarked as a holiday destination for many
millions…We hope our reviews and information will captivate our passion and our LOVE
for this amazing and positively charged city.
Well, what have we got in store for you this issue?
Often in the world of luxury and lifestyle magazines such as ours, it is sometimes the case
that some of our prospective demographic feels isolated or left out and they believe that their
requirements and needs are not being catered for. So we have stepped it up a gear or two. We
have digested your feedback, listened to your advice and constructive thought process and in
return, integrated a more concentrated focus on Abu Dhabi, its offerings and attractions……
And boy have we had fun reviewing the place, especially the Emirates Palace. Arguably, as our
cover story reads; The most beautiful Hotel in the world.”
This time round it was all about the Culture, The Heritage, the spiritual tranquility Abu
Dhabi offers you. There is no denying that we feel blessed and at ease and extremely healthy
when we are in Abu Dhabi. There’s no denying that you will too! However, we could never
leave out what distracts most of us from the balancing of our souls, its only human to like the
materialistic elements that also bring that little smile to our faces. So off we went to the Abu
Dhabi Yacht Show, Ferrari World, Ghantoot Polo Club as guests of Sheikh Falah and Hak-
kasan, oh yes, eating at this restaurant can only be described as winning the food lottery…
So enjoy our collectors edition, & SLEEP, EAT & BREATH ABU DHABI.
Until the next time.
Peace, Prosperity & Progress to you and yours.
Arnie S Hira & Jordana Imogen Lynch.
Founders & Co-Editors - Simply Abu Dhabi