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With our VIP passes giving us complimentary admission
and priority, we arrived at Ferrari World bursting with
anticipation. We were immediately greeted by Jon Barber,
the Communications Manager who gave us the lowdown
on the park and told us how the desire to create a multi-
experiential theme park reflecting the brand values,
technical innovation and excellence of Ferrari was realised
and brought together under one roof. You can’t fail to be
inspired by the story of how the dream became a reality
and Jon’s sheer enthusiasm was infectious. He excitedly
recommended we experience the much-talked-about
‘Formula Rossa’ – the fastest roller coaster in the world
– more about Ferrari World’s signature attraction in a
To give you some idea of the sheer scale of Ferrari World
you only have to refer to the Ferrari logo on the roof. The
largest ever created, the logo measures an astonishing 65m
in length and covers an area of 3000 sqm which could
accommodate at least seven basketball courts. We sure
had a lot of fun to pack into our visit! The world’s first
Ferrari theme park and the largest attraction of its kind,
the Ferrari brand and spirit are apparent everywhere you
turn making it a paradise for Ferrari enthusiasts. The park
boasts more than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions
with rides available for both children and adults.
Get in the fast lane with Formula Rossa
Having heard all about it and with Jon’s words still ringing
in our ears, we made our way with slight trepidation to
the world’s faster roller coaster. With our VIP passes we
didn’t have long to wait and were soon at the front of
the queue. Formula Rossa is a sight to behold and the
piercing shrieks coming from the ride had us glancing at
each other in alarm. However, when we saw the delight
of the excitable people emerging from the ride, we knew
this was an experience not to be missed. Once we were
strapped in there was no turning back. This was it! It
gathered speed as it launched and didn’t seem to stop,
faster, faster, faster and faster again. The Formula Rossa
has the same G force you would feel driving in an F1 car
and breaking at maximum speed and boy were we feeling
it! Jordana gripped my arm as we seemed to take off, flying
through the air with no concept of where we may end up.
We slowed slightly for the first hill, but there was barely
time to pause for breath before we were off again on a
rollercoaster ride that takes you to the limit. What a buzz.
As we took the final few bunny hops back to the station,
we were speechless. That didn’t last long – we left the ride
swept up in the excited chatter around us. That was one
awesome ride.
Slowing down
We decided to take things down a pace before lunch (we
had wisely chosen not to eat before the Formula Rossa!)
with a racing simulator. You’d think that after riding the
world’s fastest roller coaster everything else would pale
into insignificance but the Ferrari force stays with you and
all the attractions work so well in their own right. With
our hearts beating back at their normal pace we headed off
for a bite to eat. If you feel the need to take a break from
the heady delights of the rides, then check out the wide
variety of Italian delicacies. We passed Mamma Rossella
which is popular for its inviting family atmosphere and
fresh pizza and pastas and made a mental note to stop by
Espresso Rossa later in the day to partake in one of their
delicious smelling coffees. We chose to eat at Rosticceria
Modena where a fresh range of diverse local cuisine and
rotisserie meats vie for your attention and the service
is prompt and friendly. The marinated vegetables were
bursting with flavour and the fresh baked Arabic bread
straight from the oven simply melted in the mouth.
Around us were people savouring the culinary delights of
the Mediterranean and Arabia as they chatted animatedly
about the many thrilling rides and their plans for the rest
of the day.
Somewhere in Abu Dhabi is a place that will blow your mind, a place
that will send adrenalin pumping through your body so rapidly you won’t
know what hit you, a place that will have you screaming for all the right
reasons. Set apart from the office blocks and shopping malls, this place is
Ferrari World – the largest indoor theme park in the world. With thrilling
amusements and heart stopping rides, this giant adventure playground
holds mass appeal for all, big kids and little kids alike. And we were about
to experience the rush for ourselves.