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f e r rar i wo r l d
The fascinating Ferrari story
To let the delicious food settle we chose to pay a visit to the Galleria Ferrari, an
interactive historical gallery where we were able to get up close to the ultimate display of
stunning Ferrari cars from 1947 to the present, hailing fromMaranello and top collectors
around the world. It was truly fascinating to explore the triumph and tears of the Ferrari
story with historical memorabilia and interactive multi-media touch screens. We were
immersed in the story that began with Enzo Ferrarai and gathers pace today. Inspired by
the story we opted for a slighter calmer afternoon activity at the more sedate Scalextric-
style tack where we drove our own replica Ferraris – great fun! Ferrari World also offers a
unique shopping experience.
Before we left, we simply had to have a quick pit stop at the Ferrari store where we took
advantage of the opportunity to pick up some souvenirs to remind us of the incredible
Ferrari adventure and the ride of our life. Then there was just time to indulge in that
coffee we promised ourselves earlier, so we relaxed in Espresso Rosso, with its authentic
Italian ambience and enjoyed a steaming hot coffee and delicious pastry as we reflected
on the fabulous events of the day.
Huge thanks
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is so much more than just a theme park. It is a place where you
become very much a part of the Ferrari story, where the passion and glory of the Ferrari
experience is all immersive. Worlds apart from the traditional camel rides in the dessert,
the rides here are far from tame! From the minute we arrived we were taken on a thrilling
journey packed full of incredible highs. The multi-sensory experience appeals to families,
couples and Ferrari fans alike. Designed to appeal to everyone, you can’t fail to enjoy
yourself at the world’s largest indoor theme park and following our awesome day there
we’d give the experience a more than respectable eight out of ten – there was so much
more to encounter – we expect our next visit will warrant full marks!
A and J would like to thank the management and all the staff at Ferrari World
particularly Jon Barber who was an absolute star and made sure we were very well looked
after. We will certainly be returning to Ferrari World in the not too distant future and
look forward to the chance to experience the rush all over again.
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