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Exciting developments are taking place at Asprey; it continues to celebrate the best
in craftsmanship, design and materials to offer its clients objects to treasure. Expert
jewellery designers, steeped in Asprey’s individualistic British style, working with
the finest gems, have given Asprey its unrivaled reputation. The elegant new Asprey
designs represent a continuation of a great tradition, blending experience with a
spirit of artistic adventure to take the craft forward.
In leather, silver, china, glass and everything for the home there are new collections and pioneering
designs. As ever, each Asprey product will be made with the most exacting craftsmanship from
the finest materials.
All of these products are available at Asprey boutiques worldwide. Currently, in the UAE there
is a boutique in Dubai (Mall of the Emirates). In September 2011, these products will also be
available online via
prey’s e-commerce will be launching in September, so
this is very exciting news! All products will be available for shipping to the UAE. Asprey are only
able to provide prices in British Pound Sterling or United States Dollars. The boutique in Dubai
converts the prices to UAE Dirhams locally, dependent upon the exchange rate.