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About TDIC
Established in 2006, the Tourism Development &
Investment Company (TDIC) has been instrumental in
driving economic and cultural improvements across Abu
Dhabi, helping to raise its profile on the international
map as a major tourist destination. The company is
behind the prestigious Saadiyat Island development
project which will boast the world’s largest single
concentration of premier cultural institutions, including
the Zayed National Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi,
the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum, the Performing
Arts Centre and Maritime Museum. It will also be able
to lay claim to being the only place in the world to house
architecture designed by five individual Pritzker prize
TDIC’s philosophy is based on delivering best practice
in all they do and every project is planned to meet
the company’s intrinsic values of environmental
sustainability, progressive partnerships and socio-
economic viability. Based on these values, TDIC creates
investment partnerships that strive to encourage Abu
Dhabi’s continued evolution as a world class destination
for tourists, business ventures and residents alike. By
fostering close working relationships with both public
and private sectors they have built a great reputation
among international industry players for their dedication
to realising the Emirates significant tourism potential.
Well-respected for their proven ability to deliver and
their transparent approach to business ventures, the
TDIC are fully committed to the creation of multi-
faceted destinations that will guarantee a long and secure
future for Abu Dhabi tourism. With master-planning,
such commitment is reflected in the ambitious plans for
Saadiyat Island which has already seen many elaborate
proposals successfully orchestrated.
A magnet for the World
Saadiyat Island represents one of TDIC’s flagship
developments and one of which they should be immensely
proud. TDIC’s vision was to create ‘an irresistible magnet
attracting the world to Abu Dhabi, and taking Abu Dhabi
to the world’. They are certainly realising this vision
through the development of a unique island destination
with a modern integrated residential community. The
entire Saadiyat Island project is due for completion by
2018, by which time this comprehensive and hugely
desirable destination will provide abundant attractions
and investment opportunities for many different people
fulfilling the TDIC’s commitment to enrich lives through
its development projects. Saadiyat Island will encompass
an energetic business hub for international commerce;
a relaxed waterfront home for residents; a cultural
attraction for arts lovers; astounding architectural icons;
an immaculate beachfront tourism hotspot and also be the
beating heart of thrilling sporting experiences, such as the
Gulf ’s first tidal and ocean golf courses.
Well on their way to realising their aspiration for Saadiyat
Island to create a compelling magnet to both attract the
world to Abu Dhabi and take Abu Dhabi to the world,
TDIC is doing so whilst also keeping their pledge to
embrace all aspects of Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage
while preserving its natural beauty and resources. They
are fast achieving their goal to create a truly international
destination of distinction. Saadiyat Island is in control of
its own destiny and the future looks set to be bright.
An island of seven districts
There’s nothing quite like travelling the world, taking
in new sights, visiting iconic landmarks and soaking up
brand new experiences which is why Saadiyat Island is set
to take not just us, but the world by storm. With seven
distinct districts waiting to be explored – one for every
day of the week – we know it will take a lot longer than
seven days to truly appreciate all this unexplored treasure
has to offer but are ready for the challenge! Over seven
days or indeed seven weeks, this is a divine destination
to which you will want to return time and time again.
Having already been fortunate enough to see the master
plan taking shape and having visited the Saadiayat Beach
Golf Club to get a glorious taste of things to come, here’s
an overview of what you can expect from island with
seven districts packed full of endless possibilities and
amazing experiences.
a new chap t e r i n the s t o r y o f the UAE