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a c o sme t i c r e v i ew
Mascara cabaret and eye palette
With this new Eyeshadow Trio, ARCANCIL Paris is a
pure jewel playing on 3 colors with enchanting contrasts:
the combination of black gold (an intense black with gold
sequins), yellow gold and white gold intensely sequined.
A Trick: mix the colors, play with contrasts or, for a
greater result, apply the eyeshadows from the darkest to
the lightest shade.
Enriched with black carbon pigments for an ultra-black
effect, it gives volume to the eyelashes making them
infinitely longer!
AED 79 & 84
Lash booster
(A True Story)
Bizarrely-shaped wands, spiky bristles, strange combs
- cosmetic companies have gone above and beyond to
build a better mascara in the name of better lashes.
Talika’s response? Grow your own.
While it might look like an innocent little tube
of mascara, Talika Lipocils is actually an effective
formulation that not only conditions the lashes that you
have, but realizes their maximum potential for volume
and growth. Makeup removers, eyelash curlers, pollution,
and day-to-day wear-and-tear cause our lashes to break
off before they’ve reached their longest, most fluttery
length. What we lose in lashes, we sadly try to make up
for in too much mascara or outlandish and increasingly
troublesome eyelash extensions.
The common sense alternative? A twice-daily application
of Lipocils. Amagic wand for lashes, it is the only product
of its kind to ever to be authorized by the Verification
Bureau of Publicity in France for being true to its claims.
Clinical tests at the Salpetriere Hopitaux in Paris proved
that regular use of Lipocils can increase individual lashes
from 0.5 to 2.5mm. After treatment, 88% of the subjects
reached their maximum genetic potential for growth, but
100% of all subjects enjoyed some lash growth. Lipocils
uses a triple-threat formula of Soy Lecithin, Witch
Hazel, and Allantoin to produce your longest, healthiest,
most resilient lashes ever.
After the 28-day period is over, Talika experts suggest
reducing applications to once per day. Perhaps they don’t
want to receive another letter from a flustered customer,
so distressed by her newly-long lashes, that she could
no longer comfortably wear her favorite sunglasses. She
wound up having to trim her lashes so her shades would
fit comfortably. Someone should have told her that
sometimes one suffers for beauty.
AED 91
Dr. Brandt
Lineless eye cream
Lineless Eye Cream protects against signs of aging and
minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
around the eyes because of its unique formulation
containing vitamin C & E and green tea. The eye cream
lightly hydrates and absorbs quickly while supporting the
natural production of collagen, and protecting cells from
free radical damage
AED 288
Dr. Sebagh
Creme high maintenance
This highly sophisticated cream is specially formulated to
work like a protective shield. Crème High Maintenance
includes 7 breakthrough active ingredients to protect,
moisturize, rejuvenate, replenish and firm providing
complete protection. Maintain moisture within the
Epidermis, nourish and boost production of collagen,
repair and replenish while you sleep, smooth complexion
and add vitality.
AED 850
Moisturizing renewal cream
If you buy only one RéVive cream, buy moisturizing
renewal ream for dramatic results and tight, glowing skin.
This rich snow-white cream exfoliates, retextures uneven
skin, improves skin clarity and creates a luminous, firm
and youthful complexion within two weeks
AED 530
All products featured are available from:
Faces Marina Mall, Khalidya Mall and Mushrif Mall.