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The Safe
The watch winder safe is a straight forward innovation.
Fuse together a normal safe with an electrical winding
mechanism, throw in some really cool design features
using a Terminator-esq 22nd century style carbon and the
outcome –The Man Safe 2018 from Brown Safe.
The only downfall, the product code is a little chauvinistic
for our liking. The “Man Safe” immediately isolates all the
lovely ladies who love to indulge their savings on a time
piece or two. So our only constructive suggestion would
be drop the “Man” bit. This safe will make your Audemars,
Hublots and Cartiers feel like Kings or Queens (hint
hint), with the ultimate close protection for your watches
at your disposal.
These types of functional marriages exist in the high-end
watch world – offering a large range of options and styles.
The best items are those that combine the efforts of safe
manufacturers and watch winder technicians. One such
partnership is that of US based Orbita and US based
Brown Safe. This model is known as the Man Safe and
exists as a highly customizable family of products.
The most popular high security luxury safe for men and
women we say, is the 2018 midsize Man Safe and ranks
as one of the most sought after models. This safe provides
both high security and futuristic looks. The size of this
model allows for easy placement in most locations, and
provides enough space to easily access your favourite
valuables for daily use.
Security Features
1/2 inch solid steel plate armour door
1/4 inch solid welded steel plate armour body
Flush pry resistant door design with a massively reinforced
quadruple armor door jamb.
Solid Steel 1 inch locking bolts with anti-drive resistance.
La Gard SafeGard Series Electronic Lock - U.L. approved
high security Group 2 lock
Five active and passive relocking devices.
Hardened steel ball bearing hardplate.
1 inch interlocked & double-welded inner door jamb.
Four 5/8 inch base anchor holes
Luxury Features
Electronic push button lock for fast reliable entry
Choice of lock and handle finish
Choice of exotic hardwood or modern metal interior
Luxurious black Ultrasuede fabric for drawers and interior
Standard right side hinge
Twin Hera® interior LED low profile lights provide a soft
neutral illumination
Eight Orbita® watch winders. The most dependable in the
Self closing drawer slides
More details about the man safe along with other luxury
safe offerings can be found at the Brown Safe website at
You can always spot a watch enthusiast when they tell you that
they have acquired a machine known as a watch winder to
keep their watches wound. As their enthusiasm grows into an
addiction and as long as their bank balances are growing in an
equally sustainable manner, the next acquisition is not only a
mechanism that will keep their watch wound but in total safety
as well. This is where the watch winder safe comes in to play.