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When it comes to the latest gadgets we’re always gripped and with technology
advancing at such a pace there always seems to be something new coming to
market. Hot on the heels of the Apple iPad 2 there is a new tablet in town. Make
way for the Blackberry Playbook.
Built to impress from the inside out with innovative technology from QNX
software systems – the powerful user-friendly technology the world wide web
runs on – multi-tasking and intuitive navigation are just a couple of the benefits
offered by this new tablet. When it comes to locating and loading applications,
managing your music and videos, playing the latest games and navigating the web,
the Blackberry Playbook puts all the control at your fingertips for a totally user-
friendly experience. With the Blackberry Playbook tablet you get full access to
the web, not just a scaled down mobile version. You can play harder with the
advantage of the full power of the Internet, whether it’s rich websites, streaming
videos or online games. There is no compromise when it comes to the rendering
of text, graphics and video, with the Playbook providing built-in support for
HTML 5. And multi-tasking allows you to have games, video, music, browsers or
whatever else you need open, while you scroll through the cards and move in and
out of the apps with both speed and dexterity. Connect anytime and anywhere
from your Blackberry Playbook.