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The Blackberry Playbook
With Adobe Flash capabilities the Blackberry Playbook
displays impressively sharp images on a high-resolution
screen – just one of many remarkable specifications
offered by this fantastic tablet. The presence of Flash
unlocks a host of web video that can easily be plugged
into your TV via the HDMI business world. BlackBerry
Balance also conveniently allows you to keep work and
personal communications separate which is a great little
feature. The PlayBook comes loaded with Word, Sheet,
and Slideshow to Go from DataVis, giving you the ability
to view PPT, DOC, and XLS files, even create the latter
two right on the tablet. Viewing and editing documents
is simple so makes for increased productivity. The seven
inch high resolution touch display enables full email inbox
functionality as well as giving you easy access to your
address book, calendar, memo pad and task list and being
perfect for those all-important PowerPoint presentations.
Applications galore
With the latest tablet to vie for our attention, we wanted
to know what it offers in terms of applications. Let
us start by saying that applications load quickly, are
impressively responsive and switching between them is
largely effortless. Another noteworthy point is that the
BlackBerry App World boasts the first ever designed-
for-tablets Facebook app, which more than lives up to
expectations. The video chat app is BlackBerry’s Skype
and FaceTime rival. There’s also a fantastic music store
app. Open the music app to access four big, convenient
buttons where you can select artists, albums, genres, or all
songs, test your gaming skills with pre-loaded applications
including Need for Speed, Undercover and TETRIS.
Blackberry App World provides a gateway to a whole
host of awesome apps to offer challenging experiences.
Another exciting development is the access to Android
apps in the BlackBerry App Market. The Android Player
functionality will be able to interpret the code of apps
designed for Android and submitted to RIMs store
opened up so many more possibilities for applications
to the Blackberry Playbook user. Applications run
simultaneously and in real time for exceptional multi-
A slick performer
Tablets have become increasingly sophisticated and now
this seven inch tablet makes multi-tasking simple with
ultra fast web browsing and exceptionally fast responses.
The PlayBook boasts a 1GHz dual-core Cortex-A9
processor, which is similar to the iPad 2, although the
PlayBook sometimes takes a little time when opening
apps. Multi-tasking is available and, in theory, you can
have a HD video, game, music app and web browser all
running concurrently. When we put this theory to the
test, we’re pleased to report it worked efficiently with
no frustrating slowdown. On a par with the iPad 2, you
can expect approximately seven hours of web browsing,
video watching, game playing and general usage from the
Blackberry Playbook in terms of battery life – enough to
get you through the day or last a couple of days depending
on what you use it for.
At 425g it’s lighter than the iPad 2 (601g), and very
comfortable to hold with one hand, while still feeling
reassuringly weighty. RIM has struck the perfect balance
with a tablet featuring a fairly soft feeling rubberised
back is a masterstroke which making it easy to handle
and providing a slick feel as you cruise easily around the
device. It’s even comfortable when reading one-handed
for longer periods of time. Cameras are not generally a
major feature on tablets, but that said; the five-megapixel
snapper on the PlayBook produces quality shots in good
lighting conditions, offering great clarity and excellent
viewing angles. With three megapixels up front and five
around the back, enabling 1080p MPEG4 video recording
in a tablet, the Blackberry Playbook delivers decent
results. Combining all the features you need within one
ultra-portable design, the intuitive Blackberry Playbook is
the latest tablet available for busy people on the go.
c onne c t any t ime , anywhe r e
Time to keep in touch
With the Blackberry Playbook, it is the touch of your
fingers that gives you complete control and provides a
gateway to the world of communications. The 7-inch,
600x1024 LCD screen displays HD video trailers on
YouTube in vivid colour and with fantastic clarity. The
home screens, menus and WebPages are also clear and
crisp and the keypad in highly responsive. Flicks and
swipes across the screen are also fairly intuitive, so all
in all makes for a user-friendly experience in terms of
performance, but then there will always be comparisons
made to the iPad 2, so in the end it may come down to
personal preference.
With games, media, applications and all the rich content
offered by the real Internet – all from your Blackberry
Playbook – you are in touch with the world and it
only takes your touch on this incredible tablet to get
started. So move with the times and keep up with the
technological advances with the 7inch ultra-portable,
ultra-compact, ultra-powerful tablet that does it all.
There’s bound to be something else lurking just around the
corner so get in touch with the Playbook today.
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