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The new car features exteriors in two colours, Black or
White, both enhanced by the exclusive paint with glass
beads which make it shine like a gem. The same colour
combination can be found on the key cover, which gives
customers their first distinguishing sign of the “500 by
Two colours, two distinct yet complementary souls: the
black version, with shiny chrome details teamed with
interiors that play on the sharp black and white contrast
with its more aggressive and contemporary look, and the
white version with the satin chrome details with ivory/
black interiors for a softer, sophisticated look.
The exterior is further customised with rims mounted
on 195/45 R16 tyres, with the unmistakable retro
spoked design, to match the colour of the interiors, and
embellished by the “diamanté” on the spokes, an absolute
novelty on cars in this category.
The Gucci identity is even more evident with some of
the refined details such as the hubcaps marked “GG” in
the same colour as the bodywork and “Gucci” written in
italics on the tailgate and on the door pillars. In addition,
in line with the Gucci colours, the version equipped with
the 100 HP 1.4 engine comes with brake callipers painted
In order to make the silhouette of the Fiat “500 by Gucci”
distinctive, the car could not come without the red and
green “web”, the label’s genuine signature recognised across
the globe. It runs along the entire perimeter and becomes
the connecting link between exterior and interior, since it
is also featured on many interior details, such as the seats,
the gearbox and the mats, but most of all, with an unusual
and highly innovative treatment, on the seatbelts.
Fi a t 500 by Guc c i
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