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Speed and passion
With speeds of up to 403km per hour, this was one
adventure I simply had to try for myself. With the sun
beating down and not a single cloud in the sky, I could feel
the thump of my heart as I approached the magnificent
Buggatti – what a stunning specimen of inspired
engineering. Its shiny chrome gleaming in the sunlight I
was full of anticipation for my test drive. A perfect fusion
of technology has created a vehicle fit for kings and I
certainly felt like royalty as I opened the door and settled
excitedly into the driving seat.
With no engine covers and an incredible 10 radiators I
was more than aware of the power in my hands as I got
behind the wheel. The Bugatti Veyron can accelerate
from 0-100km/h in just 2.5 seconds and watching this
thing burn will take your breath away. Taking a car past
288 km/h was new territory for me, but what a buzz.
I suddenly had a true appreciation for the concept of
aerodynamic! As speed picked up at a phenomenal pace
I could feel the back of the car being pressed into the
ground. I almost felt like I could take off.
The car automatically changes shape in line with the speed
at which you’re travelling – pure genius. I’m reliably
informed that with the spoiler in place the drag is so
great you’re limited to just 369.6 km/h – I didn’t quite
reach this speed! The roar of the tyres was awesome and
despite the incredible speed at which I was travelling in
this beauty, I felt totally safe. Imagine the ability to cover
the length of a football pitch in a single second – it gives
you some idea of the energy rush I experienced. As fast
as I could take this car, bends disappeared in the blink of
an eye. Despite the amazing capability of this super car it
meets drive-by noise and emission regulations.
Sheer adrenalin rush
Named after race driver Pierre Veyron, getting behind the
wheel of this glorious beast of a car was like a dream come
true for me. The Middle East is just the place to put the
world’s most amazing supercar through its paces, pushing
it to its 403.2 km/h limit. Abu Dhabi is a destination
fit for princes and kings and I certainly felt like royalty
after surging at speed at the wheel of the fantastic Bugatti
Faster than anything on the roads, it’s well worth the
significant price tag. So much more than just a car –
super cars don’t come much more super than the Bugatti
Veyron. With all my senses still reeling from the adrenalin
rush I returned to the hotel on top of the world. Surely
this is the car for me! Fast, expensive, beautiful…
Oh, by the way please don’t worry, the high speed driving
was done with due care and attention, under strict
supervision and security and on a private race track. So no
speeding laws were broken!
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