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Chanel J12 Chromatic
How to unite time and material?
Chanel solved the equation by inventing the colour of time -The Chromatic colour.
Fine-tuned in Chanel’s Swiss workshops, the chromatic colour was born out of a true 21st century material
- titanium ceramic - which encases this new generation J12 watch and transforms its surface into ever
changing shifts in colour.
Oscillating between black and white, Gabrielle Chanel’s two favourite colours, the chromatic colour
propels the J12 into a new dimension where time and material become one.
The silver grey of the titanium ceramic appears like a luminous halo that has captured all the tones of a
stormy sky and an aurora borealis. Highly resistant and second to sapphire, the appearance of titanium
ceramic is livelier than gold and more intense than platinum.
With its mysterious duality of colour and non-colour, its lightness thanks to titanium, resistance because
of the ceramic, ergonomics due to its thermal neutrality, this new material reinvents the J12 adding a
totally new chapter to its watchmaking saga – one of the material moment.
Chanel developed exclusive polishing techniques to achieve this new rich palette of reflections inspired by
processes using diamond powder for polishing sapphire.
This J12 Chromatic that unveils new territories of refinement is available in an edition of seven models: 33
mm with quartz movements, 38 and 41 mm with automatic movements in two versions set with round or
baguette-cut diamonds. Chanel’s new pillar of time, the J12 Chromatic, expresses its uniqueness through
a totally new material that invents a fourth primary colour. One material, one colour: the J12 Chromatic
is a reflection watch, a mirror of changing times that only Chanel knows how to capture.