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Saadiyat Cultural District
We consider ourselves to be fairly sophisticated culture
vultures and so with an entire district on Saadiyat Island
specifically devoted to culture and the arts we are relishing
the opportunity to see, feel and hear all that is going on
for ourselves. An energetic cultural hub at the midst of a
relaxing island resort, this artistic and enriching district
will appeal to the senses, fuel the imagination and embrace
all that is creative in life. The plan for Saadiyat Cultural
District is to create a destination that everyone in the
world of art and culture will visit regularly. We speak for
ourselves when we say we will be amongst the regular
Unprecedented in scale and scope, this ambitious centre
for global culture that will bring local, regional and
international visitors to the stage with unique exhibitions,
performances, productions and collections, the cultural
district is set to become an internationally renowned arts
hub – music to the ears of self-proclaimed arts aficionados
like ourselves. It will also include a park with pavilions
to host international art, architecture, cultural fairs and
events and feature city-facing quayside hotels, exclusive
villas, and shops.
With its combination of global art and dramatic
architectural icons, Saadiyat Cultural District will
bring together people from all backgrounds and foster
interaction as they bond over something truly special. The
Saadiyat Cultural District is poised to have the world’s
greatest concentration of cultural experiences. Symbolic
attractions will be accommodated in buildings that
represent the finest architecture at the beginning of the
21st century and some huge architectural geniuses are
onboard as the master plan to transform Saadiyat Island
into a cultural wonderland takes shape.
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