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Harrods Bank
The Bank is fully committed to treating every individual,
as the unique customer they are rather than simply
a number. This innovative approach to banking is
particularly refreshing at a time when the larger banks are
centralising their services and using remote ‘call centres’.
With growing frustrations over the impersonal nature of
today’s banking services, Harrods Bank are committed
to maintaining the personal touch for which they have
always been renowned. The bank upholds the intrinsic
values of old-fashioned banking whilst also acting in
accordance with the defined principles expected by a
modern bank. By offering customers the best of both
worlds they can provide a high quality personal service
befitting of the Harrods name. The bank is devoted to
protecting client interests and dedicated to safeguarding
their financial affairs. As such, the bank complies with
legislation including the Consumer Credit Act and the
Data Protection Act as well as subscribing to The Lending
Standards Board. They are also covered by the Financial
Services Compensation Scheme. The management of
Harrods Bank is supported by its independent non-
executive directors, who contribute an invaluable wealth
of banking and commercial experience to the Board and
its various committees.
Courteous, competitive, convenient
If you value courtesy and efficiency, then take a look at
the competitive range of services on offer at Harrods
Bank. With the same convenient access to cash provided
by any other high street bank, clients can not only use the
worldwide network of Visa cash dispensing machines,
but Harrods Bank also provide all the typical services
associated with a current account – multi-function debit
card, cheque book, regular bank statements, direct debits
and standing orders – but there is nothing ‘typical’ about
the personal service you will enjoy as a valued client. A
dedicated and professional team are focussed on fulfilling
your needs and providing continuity of service, something
that is made possible by the fact that there is such a low
turnover of staff, which in turn speaks volumes about the
contented workforce.
Many members of the Harrods Bank team have worked
for the bank for more than 40 years and their valued
contribution is reflected by the fact that the bank’s
customers are similarly loyal. With their knowledge and
experience the team can recommend the most appropriate
products and services to suit you and reflect your personal
circumstances. Harrods Bank does not sell credit-scored
packages, but rather, provide bespoke solutions. They
are able to offer such a level of flexibility when it comes
to your needs, because they benefit from a plentiful
workforce. This means that every single client has the
advantage of being assigned a highly experienced Account
Manager to take care of all their needs.
Forward-thinking investment
Clients of the bank are not simply treated to outstanding
customer service and the kudos of Harrods, but also to a
huge portfolio or products and services that incorporates
traditional personal financial services to online banking
and more progressive investment in gold bullion. The
bank recently announced its entry into the physical gold
retail market following a “unique collaboration” with
PAMP, the well-regarded Swiss precious metals refinery –
Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux. PAMP produces
a range of precious metal investment products recognised
as ‘Good Delivery’ by all the major international markets
and in particular, the London Bullion Market Association
(LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium
Market (LPPM).) . Aimed at private investors, the
Knightsbridge bank will exclusively resell PAMP gold
bars as well as a range of investment coins from its branch
situated within the main Harrods store. Harrods chose to
develop this exclusive relationship as they appreciated the
mutually beneficial prospects.
Chris Hall, Head of Harrods Gold Bullion said: “The
financial environment has kindled a new demand for
physical gold amongst private investors in Britain. For
many people this is a new and unfamiliar asset class that
demands absolute trust. Up until now, however, London
has had no well-recognised name serving this market.”
The vision of Mehdi Bakhordar, PAMP’s MD, was to
develop the PAMP brand in the UK. When Harrods
approached them they knew they had ‘struck gold’ in
terms of the perfect exclusive retail partner. Although
PAMP’s products were already available in the London
wholesale and secondary markets, Harrods now stock
our complete range, providing the only place in London
where investors can purchase a 12.5kg gold bar ‘off the
shelf ’, representing an exciting and profitable partnership
for both parties.
Chris Hall explained: “Harrods saw the opportunity to
help individuals buy physical gold in a prudent manner
and, together with PAMP, we can now provide a globally
recognised product at a fair price. The extra Harrods
services like buy-backs, top-class safe deposit facilities and
a secure worldwide courier service are also available in one
retail location.”
It is this forward-thinking attitude combined with a loyal
commitment to traditional banking values that ensures
Harrods Bank has a satisfied customer base – satisfied not
simply by the prestigious name behind the bank, but by
the continued and personalised services they provide.
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