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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
(also known as
Mission: Impossible IV) is an upcoming action film, and
the fourth film in the Mission: Impossible series. It stars
Tom Cruise, who reprises his role of IMF Agent Ethan
Hunt, and is director Brad Bird’s first live-action film.
Ghost Protocol was written by Christopher McQuarrie,
André Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, and J.J. Abrams, and
produced by Cruise, J.J. Abrams (director of the third MI
film) and Bryan Burk.
The film will be released in the United States and Canada
on December 21, 2011. It is the first Mission: Impossible
film not to be produced by Paula Wagner, and the first
that will be released in IMAX theatres.
Simple Synopsis:
When a terrorist bombing destroys the Kremlin, the
United States government initiates a black ops “ghost
protocol” and disavows the entire Impossible Mission
Force. Ethan Hunt and his team are to be blamed for the
attack, but are allowed to escape as part of a plan to enable
them to operate in the dark, outside of their agency.
However, Hunt is warned that if any member of his team
is captured during their mission, they will be charged as
terrorists planning to incite global nuclear war. Ethan
is then forced to work with ex-IMF agent Brandt, who
knows more about Hunt and his past than even Hunt
The film was originally announced with a working name
of Mission: Impossible 4, and code named “Aries” during
early production. Rumours initially mentioned that the
film might not even carry the Mission: Impossible name,
though this was later discounted.
Principal photography began by September 30, 2010.
Pictures of the set were leaked to the internet showing
Cruise in a Russian officer disguise. Filming took place
in Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, and Vancouver. The
film was partially shot with IMAX cameras. The first full,
official trailer was released on June 29, 2011, and attached
to Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Jeremy Renner as Brandt
Josh Holloway as Trevor Hanaway
Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn
TomWilkinson as IMF leader
Paula Patton as Jane Carter
Anil Kapoor as Brij Nath
Michael Nyqvist as the film’s secondary male antagonist
Léa Seydoux as the film’s main female antagonist
Vladimir Mashkov as a Russian secret agent
Samuli Edelmann as an antagonist
Directed by: Brad Bird
Produced by
J.J. Abrams
Bryan Burk
Jeffrey Chernov
executive producer
Tom Cruise
David Ellison
executive producer
Tommy Harper
David Minkowski co-producer: Czech Republic
Tabrez Noorani
line producer: India
Tim Smythe
Matthew Stillman co-producer: Czech Republic
Studio: Paramount Pictures,
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