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A taste of New York art in Abu Dhabi
Just like the original GuggenheimMuseum in New York, visitors to the Guggenheim
on Saadiyat Island can expect to view inspirational exhibitions of modern and
contemporary art and will also have the opportunity to attend lectures by artists and
critics as well as be part of the regular tours. An ever-evolving institution devoted to the
art of the 20th Century and beyond, incorporating state-of-the-art education facilities,
a 350-seat theatre, conservation laboratory, library and archive, the Guggenheim Abu
Dhabi will build a permanent collection, stage exhibitions, generate scholarship and
undertake educational programs that will examine the history of art produced around
the world since circa 1965 from a variety of perspectives. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will
be devoted to demonstrating the international character of Modern and contemporary
art, presenting principles of the Western historical movements whilst simultaneously
showcasing the rich diversity of Asian, African, South American, and Middle Eastern art
during this period.
We are particularly excited to learn that the galleries have been designed in a variety
of shapes and heights so each one has a unique character to enable great scope and
flexibility over the exhibitions that can be shown. For example, the cones that surround
the museum evoke images of the region’s ancient wind-towers and with this in mind have
been designed to both ventilate and shade the museum’s exterior courtyards, providing an
additional 18,000 metres of space for the creation and presentation of art. We can’t wait
to wander around the exhibitions, taking plenty of time to look at and reflect upon some
key art-historical movements as they are examined from a multi-national perspective.
Reaching out to the world
The building’s immortal cones and interior galleries will exhibit specially commissioned
art works that will reflect the transnational vision of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and its
commitment to supporting living artists. Ever-evolving vibrant exhibitions, collections,
educational programs and publications will explore common themes, empathies, and
noteworthy relationships among the work of artists in time and across geographies.
With a firm emphasis on education the Guggenheim hopes to work in harmonious
partnership with local and regional arts and cultural institutions to provide opportunities
for a unique and diverse visitor experience that will set it apart from the other
Guggenheim museums and prominent art institutions in the Middle East. The plan for
the Guggenheim on Saadiyat Island is to reach out to the widest possible international
audience – a plan that we think is coming together beautifully.