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Saadiyat Marina
It’s all happening down at Saadiyat Marina where the
scene is being set for a commercial hive of activity and
investment opportunities aplenty. These are exciting times
for the UAE and the Marina is sure to prove a bit hit on
many levels. Sea-faring heritage comes face to face with a
pulsating business community at the bustling waterfront
Marina on Saadiyat Island. With berthing for over 1000
boats, a Royal Yacht Club, boutique hotels and luxury
apartments, the Marina is set to make a splash when it
opens in stages in 2012. Not long to wait then for our
opportunity to be part of this exciting maritime and
commercial adventure.
Supporting infrastructure surrounding the Saadiyat
Marina will include private beach villas, a 128-hectare,
or 317-acre, golf club, and opulent hotels and resorts.
Bustling shopping complexes, tempting waterfront
restaurants, a Maritime Museum and a New York
University campus to educate a predicted 2,500 students
are also being built around the marina.
Located on a spectacular business bay, the Saadiyat Marina
District has been designed to become the commercial
heart of the island with a dynamic, city lifestyle and
unique energy. By day, this ultra-modern Marina will
offer visitors chic cafes and charming boutique arcades set
among designer apartments and busy commercial office
premises. By night, a vivacious social scene comes to the
fore with elegant restaurants overlooking the Marina and
beautiful boutique hotels offering the chance to relax
and indulge. As Lee Tabler, TDIC’s Chief Executive
Officer has explained, the Marina is being created to offer
something for everyone:
“Aimed at attracting tourists and visitors to a place where
people from all walks of life can enjoy themselves, the
marina projects on Saadiyat Island will offer world-class
facilities and a cosmopolitan, waterfront holiday or
Providing valuable networking possibilities between
brokers, retailers and third-party service suppliers, the
Marina is set to give the economy a huge boost and
achieve the TDIC’s goal of increasing tourism to the
area. By its very nature, with businesses at the Marina
relying on each other to prosper, it is also hoped to give
added value to hotels and residential and retail properties
nearby as well as entice visitors who appreciate the lifestyle
associated with boats and the ownership of yachts. Al
Marina, as the area is known, has a vast array of unique
office premises from which an impressive portfolio of
national and international business will operate. First
rate accommodation combined with specialty leisure and
entertainment facilities are also expected to draw huge
numbers of visitors to the area. In another exhilarating
instalment of the A&J diaries, we hope to be amongst
the first in the queue and a visit to the hotly anticipated
Maritime Museum has to be top of our wish list.
Maritime Museum
Scheduled to open between 2018 and 2020, the Maritime
Museum based in the Saadiyat Marina District will
celebrate the maritime legacy of the Arabian Gulf and
preserve the unspoiled marine environment. Designed
by the Pritzker-prize winning architect Tadao Ando, the
virtuoso design of this testament to the Arabian Gulf ’s
maritime heritage features a reflective surface merging
sea and land – two of the characteristic elements of Abu
Dhabi – and has a ship inspired interior with floating
decks. With an interest in nautical history and seafaring
tales, we can’t wait for the opportunity to visit the
museum for ourselves.
Saadiyat Lagoons
Imagine living in the height of cosmopolitan style. Low
rise island homes surrounded by water offer the ultimate
laidback boating lifestyle where you are free to relax,
drift and dream. When you do awake it will be to the
stunning sounds of nature as waters lap at your gardens
edge and you appreciate all that is great about the world.
A spectacular view lagoon on this secluded area of Al
Reem Island accommodated on 600 hectares of land and
offering 70 hectares of recreational activities is a place
where dreams really will come true.
Saadiyat Reserve
Providing luxury residential waterside living, the district
will comprise 523 hectares of space offering residents and
visitors an International Golf Course, Boutique Eco Hotel
and Eco Centre. This international tourist destination
will offer a beautiful contrast to Saadiyat Beach as it is
designed around a nature reserve with flourishing natural
wetlands and a tidal championship golf course designed by
Robert Trent Jones II nestled within clusters of mangrove
trees. The Wetlands will be an eco friendly and themed
destination that will also provide a Marine Research
Facility where visitors can enjoy a truly unique experience
of the region’s ecology.
Saadiyat Retreat
This private island within an island is where private
homes and exclusive boutique resorts lie hidden within
a breathtaking natural environment. A secluded eco-
heaven, this luxurious resort retreat on Al Reem Island
will provide your own personal paradise which has to be
experienced to be believed.
Saadiyat Island Property and investment opportunities
Fancy a totally new laid-back lifestyle or looking for the
perfect investment opportunity? It’s all happening on
Saadiyat Island. With the focus very much on developing
a tourist hotspot with facilities, amenities and local
attractions aplenty, there are worse things you could do
than invest in a property on ‘The Island of Happiness’.
The Tourism Development & Investment Company
(TDIC) are directing Saadiyat’s mixed-use development
and are working to strict commercial guidelines, selling
land to private investors who will then develop their
plots in accordance with the master plan, supporting
planning regulations and design guidelines to create a new
residential and tourism environment.
Little gems designed to entice on Saadiyat Island...
With so much being promised by the ambitious Saaadiyat
Island project it would be impossible for us to encapsulate
it all, but there are plenty of gems waiting to be uncovered
when you visit this enchanting destination. Alongside
the four main landmarks in the cultural district which
are set to become the signature for the island – the
Louvre, the Guggenheim, the Performing Arts Centre
and the Maritime Museum – the Manarat Al Saadiyat is
a purpose-built, 15,400 square metre art and exhibition
centre designed to showcase Saadiyat’s exciting projects
and host art exhibitions from around the world.
Located in the Saadiyat Cultural District, Manarat Al
Saadiyat will encompass major galleries, sales centre,
and a restaurant. It will also feature a dedicated space
for touring international art and cultural exhibitions,
specifically designed to house works of art. If it’s more rest
and relaxation you’re craving, the South Beach is the ideal
family destination. In the beautiful waters of the Arabian
Gulf this 268 hectare district offers boardwalks with
restaurants and cafes for a dynamic beach life style and lots
of leisure and entertainment to appeal to all.
Other treats waiting to be uncovered on your island
journey include the promenade, the lagoons, the wetlands
and Saadiyat Retreat. Your only problem when arriving on
this stunning island is sure to be where to start!
Saadiyat Promenade
With a scintillating combination of restaurants and cafes
serving up an impressive range of international cuisine and
light snacks, the atmosphere at this family friendly and
cosmopolitan waterfront can’t fail to put a smile on your
face and get in you the holiday spirit. Laidback coastal
resorts, large beachside boardwalks, family activity centres,
appealing tourist attractions and residential homes merge
easily to contribute to the relaxed, friendly vibe which will
pull in regional and international visitors on a huge scale.
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