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We are very excited about the upcoming opening of the
prestigious Monte-Carlo Beach Club this September
2011, which promises to reflect the values and heritage of
Monte-Carlo sister hotels and clubs in Europe.
Located on the North Western coast of Saadiyat Island,
Saadiyat Beach is just one of seven distinct districts
which make up a stunning natural island alongside Abu
Dhabi’s coast that will rejoice in a reawakening of Arabian
culture with iconic landmarks, premium hospitality, elite
property developments, incredible leisure facilities, luxury
hotels and the world’s largest concentration of cultural
institutions. In keeping with this vision of creating a
symphony of culture, leisure and business in a vibrant
community that works in harmony and respects its natural
environment, Saddiyat Beach captures all that epitomises
relaxed island life. The private beach club has been created
to complement the unique experience provided by a
visit to Saadiyat Beach – the beating heart of the island’s
sought-after tourism offering – and will continue with the
area’s relaxed, sumptuous theme.
Breathtaking beachfront location
Building work on the exclusive Monte-Carlo Beach
Club, Saadiyat is now complete and the club will be the
first property to become fully operational on Saadiyat
Beach – the tourism hotspot of the island. On our
recent visit to the Island we got a sneak preview of this
magnificent venue in a picture perfect setting. Situated on
the North- Eastern side of Saadiayat Beach, between two
luxury beach resorts, the Monte Carlo Beach Club is also
adjacent to the award-winning Saadiyat Beach Golf Club
and is surrounded by the first-class villas Al Jawaher. The
breathtakingly serene beachfront is the innate playground
for many Bottlenose dolphins and a variety of marine life,
as well as being a protected breeding ground for Hawksbill
turtles. Against the Azure sky, a crisp white paradise
with beautiful palm trees, gives an enticing taster of what
to expect from the first beach club to open on Saadiyat
Island. Covering an area of 39,500m2, the Monte-Carlo
Beach has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate fine
living, wellbeing and health and will offer its members
access not only to incredible world-class facilities but also
to one of the most premium brand communities in the
Enjoy the ‘Monte-Carlo lifestyle’ of luxury
Based on the luxury Monte-Carlo Beach on the French
Riviera, which beautifully blends the spirit of the Riviera
with the intimacy of a luxury resort, Saddiyat Island’s
new Beach Club has also been designed to capture the
essence of lavish living and will offer member a whole
host of exclusive privileges. In a unique ‘boutique’
ambiance with its own individual style and personality,
the beach club will provide a design-led but service-driven
sanctuary where members will benefit from a range of
luxurious services and facilities including a full service
all-day dining restaurant, a valet service, direct access to
Saadiyat Beach and the unspoiled sparkling waters of the
Arabian Gulf, a state of the art gym, modern changing
and showering facilities, a beach lounge and two pools –
one specifically for children. With three lounges, a ‘The
Workout Room’ branded gym and studio, Kids’ Club, spa
treatment rooms, Jacuzzi, plunge pool and steam rooms;
there is something to appeal to everyone. SBM (Société
des Bains de Mer), who have managed the Monte-Carlo
Beach in Monaco for around 90 years are responsible
for the running of the new Monte-Carlo Beach Club
on Saadiyat and bring with them a wealth of experience.
Since the golden years of the 1920s, the Riviera venue has
become synonymous with luxury and impeccable service,
and is visited by some of the world’s wealthiest and most
influential people. It is expected that Saadiyat’s answer to
the opulent Monte-Carlo lifestyle will also attract many
significant and remarkable visitors who will be drawn to
the club to lounge in cabanas, swim in luxurious pools,
indulge in spa treatment and sample some of the world’s
finest cuisine.
All tastes are catered for by the clubs eateries which offer
a diverse range of fine food and beverages for the ultimate
refreshment. The Sea Lounge and Le Deck – have been
exported from the original Monte-Carlo Beach – so
maintain that vibrant opulent ambience whilst Bubbles,
an informal boat-styled venue, and the Library Lounge,
a quiet and homely members-only retreat provide the
perfect relaxed atmosphere to catch up over some great
food. Abu Dhabi’s elite will be drawn to the Beach Clun
in the evening where it is intended that the spirited Sea
Lounge will provide the focus for socialising and dining.
The club will also offer function rooms and non-members
will be able to visit to enjoy all the top class facilities at the
price of a daily cover.
Monte-Carlo meets Saadiyat
For almost 150 years, Monte-Carlo SBMGroup has
provided exceptional service to leisure and business,
tourism, first rate gastronomy and hotels, art and culture,
wellness and high-level sport, remaining steadfastly
loyal to a tradition of diversity and innovation in order
to deliver excellence in all fields. The incomparable
glamorous style and architectural heritage that the
group are so renowned for combined with their unique
expertise and welcoming service is popular with clients
from all over the world who visit Monaco throughout
year. They are now bringing their successful brand to
Saadiyat where it will blend beautifully with the luxury
resorts, high-class living and incredible tourism attractions
and opportunities available to locals and visitors alike.
Monte-Carlo SBMGroup is a reliable and consistent
partner of top sporting competitions and is associated
with prominent events including the Monte-Carlo Rolex
Masters and the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, both
of which are part of the Principality of Monaco’s busy life.
This gives you some idea of the influential players behind
the development of Saddiyat Island and is testament to
what visitors can expect in terms of excellent service levels
when they visit the new Monte-Carlo Beach Club. In
keeping with TDIC’s philosophy and the intrinsic values
behind the development of Saadiyat Island Monte-Carlo
SBM is committed to environmental sustainability with
the Group recently creating the Monte-Carlo SBM
Environmental Charter and the Be Green ecological
brand, highlighting their paramount respect for the
Looking forward to a lavish launch
Saadiyat Island’s Monte-Carlo Beach Club is set to
become one of the UAE’s first real domestic luxury brands
and we can’t wait to sample the brand first-hand. A
launch event will be held for a select few shortly after the
opening to celebrate the opening of a club which to quote
General Manager Patrick Nayrolles provides “a level of
luxury and exclusivity that has not been experienced in
the region to date”.
The Tourism Development & Investment Company
(TDIC) has been extremely influential in raising the
profile of Abu Dhabi as a major tourist destination
thanks to significant economic and cultural development
programmes. The company is behind the prestigious
Saadiyat Island development project. Simon Venison,
TDIC Director of Operations, said:
“The Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat, will kick start
the exciting openings we have this year on Saadiyat Beach.
The Monte-Carlo brand is synonymous with luxury and
impeccable service, and we believe it will bring an air of
exclusivity to Saadiyat Beach, which is set to be the island’s
tourism hotspot”.
It is believed that this exclusive venue will play an integral
part of the success of the Saadiyat story and the imminent
opening of the Beach Club is the latest exciting chapter in
the islands grand scale development project that is now
becoming a marvelous reality. As Mr Nayrolles explains:
“TDIC has worked hard to bring the world’s most renowned
premium brands and partners to this beautiful beach, and
we’re looking forward to providing unforgettable experiences
to both visitors and residents.”
Personally, having had a teasing sneak preview of things
to come, we can’t wait for the chance to enjoy this
unforgettable experience for ourselves. The Monte-Carlo
Beach Club on Saadiyat will be the first Mote-Carlo
Beach Club to be set up outside its original venue, so it
is already attracting plenty of interest. And for a venue
positively oozing style and sophistication we can’t wait
to step through its doors when they open next month.
The Abu Dhabi venture, as with all the developments
encompassed by the Saadiyat Island project has been
carefully considered and planned in terms of potential. As
Mr Nayrolles explained:
“We believe that Abu Dhabi has many synergies with
Monte-Carlo. We looked at Saadiyat and where it is
going to be in 10 years, and it promises to be an affluent
district of Abu Dhabi, home to many of the capital’s well-off
community. We can see that happening now and we will be
supplying a service and a concept that will definitely be in
demand as more of the developments come on line.”
The opening of the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat,
is a significant milestone for the island and for many, the
opening of the club, will provide the first opportunity to
see Saadiyat Beach’s nine-kilometre arc of glorious white
sand. Having already explored the Saadiyat Beach district
and been blown away by the breathtaking setting, the
next date booked in A&J’s diary is a much-awaited trip to
the Monte-Carlo Beach Club. We can’t wait for the next
thrilling chapter in the story of ‘The Island of Happiness’.
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