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Arnie S Hira – CEO & Founder
Jordana Imogen Lynch – Managing Director & Co-Founder
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Manoj S Hira – Director
Adrian Gowing – Director
Our love and devotion for Abu Dhabi and the UAE continues to burn strong. This beautiful
haven has so much to offer and what amazes us the most is that there is still so much more to
come. Led by a lust for finery, exclusivity and genuine peace of mind, we took a behind the
scenes voyage to Saadiyat Island and discovered a real treasure.
While over on the island of Yas, we danced to Shakira, bounced to Snoop Dogg and got a taste
of the delicious delights on offer at Cipriani. Not enough? We put a Bugatti Veyron to test,
indulged ourselves in genuine home farmed Royal Caviar and spoilt ourselves in some retail
therapy with the acquisition of the perfect Piaget from our friends at Seddiqi and Sons. The
marriage between Abu Dhabi and luxury has been created on sovereign foundations at every
level, where one can never fail to be allured to its natural beauty and charm.
There are plenty of new additions to Simply in this issue. We thought we would give you a taste
of the best yachts and take you up close and personal with the UAE’s most influential expats.
There is something for everyone.
Love Life, Love Abu Dhabi.
Wishing you all peace, prosperity & progress,
Arnie & Jordana.
Editor: Arnie S Hira
Co-Editor: Jordana Imogen Lynch
Creative Director: Lee Isherwood