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We were about to sample a taste of Italy in the traditional
style as we were handed a menu of enticing rich creamy
pastas, tantalising steaks, divine seafood and tempting
olive oil-drizzled salads. You need to be prepared to
embrace the Bice dining experience as Italians love their
food and this is not the place to dine if you’re calorie
counting. Bice is the place to come for the treat of the
authentic Italian dining experience where butter, cheese
and cream feature heavily in many of the traditional
dishes on offer. Each dish available on the enticing menu
is prepared using premium ingredients so that elegantly
presented food that feeds the eye as it set down before you
on the table also lives up to all expectations as it pleases
the palate.
The menu is set out to be easily accessible whether you
are a vegetarian, on a diet or constricted by allergies.
This is excellent as everyone is able to make an informed
choice without having to draw specific attention to their
dietary requirements. For starters we had the calamari
and shrimp, followed by a generous risotto for Jordana
and a delicious stuffed chicken breast for me. Bursting
with basil and ricotta, it was a taste sensation. To finish
our satisfying meal, a truly decadent chocolate fondue was
demolished in minutes.
In an atmosphere that lends itself very much to a classic
fine dining experiencethe welcoming team of staff are
known for treating every diner as though it’s a special
occasion and throughout our pleasurable evening at
Bice that’s exactly what it felt like. With the dark wood
interior and candles flickering on the table it’s the ideal
setting for an intimate meal as well as catering for families
and groups. Amongst the mix of new contemporary
and highly exclusive Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi,
Bice still very much holds its own faced with the fierce
This is testament to the restaurant’sstaying power based on
sticking to what they do best – serving great Italian dishes
in classic surroundings. And it’s obviously working – just
like fine parmesan, Bice keeps improving with agewhich
is whycustomers of all nationalities flock here to dine
every evening.A huge part of Bice’s appeal is its traditional
dining element and old fashioned charm and our delicious
nourishing meal and the high quality service we were
afforded was well worth every penny.
Diners can enjoy live performances from Pianiste Ima,
Sunday to Friday from 9pm onwards. In a great ambience
with friendly waiting staff and live piano music, we
enjoyed a really authentic Italian meal cooked to absolute
perfection and would absolutely return for seconds. A
huge A&J thank you to everyone who made our evening
at Bice so special. We look forward to next time.
Where: Hilton Abu Dhabi, Al Khubeirah, Corniche
Road, Abu Dhabi
Contact: 00971 (0)2 681 1900
In a unique location overlooking the splendid CornicheBice offers diners the opportunity to enjoy
traditional andmodern Italian cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere in theHilton International AbuDhabi
hotel.As one of the Abu Dhabi’s long-standing Italian restaurants, Bice’s conventional Italian charm
is what sees diners returning time and time again. The decor, the formal tableware, the arty black and
white photos and the striking floor to ceiling windows are all part of the charming old school style
and sophistication that sets Bice apart from its more modern contenders.