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One of the fasest-growing international airline with one of the youngest fleets
in the sky and more than 400 awards for excellence worldwide, Emirates has
built a successful travel and tourism empire thanks to the collective talent of a
management team made up of men who are proven leaders in their individual
field of expertise. Tim Clark is a man on a mission – to continue to increase the
fortunes of the fastest growing airline in the world.
Tim Clark has been a member of the senior management
team since the year Emirates launched – 1985 – becoming
President of Emirates airline in 2003 after spending 18
years helping build an aviation empire which owes much
to the route networks he established soon after joining as
Head of Airline Planning. Having already establishing a
great reputation as a talented route planner during his four
years at Bahrain’s Gulf Air, which had recruited him from
the now-defunct British Caledonian Airways, his work at
Emirates was to prove invaluable. He was instrumental in
transforming the airline from a one-route carrier operating
off a dusty runway to a world leader serving more than
100 destinations.
Combining the planning expertise with the skills he
developed while attaining an economics degree from
London University in 1971, he scrutinised demographic
data and passenger statistics to identify profitable new
routes for Emirates. Mr Clark recognised potential in
routes other airlines had passed over and for the first
Emirates route, Pakistan was targeted – a nation which
had a population of more than 150 million people but
just one state carrier. Dubai’s strategic location was
obvious and services to India soon followed, laying the
foundations for him to build a sprawling network which
now connects billions of people.
It is not just in the business world that Mr Clark’s
ambitious vision makes a significant contribution. With
a strong social conscience, he is also the Chairman of
the Emirates Airline Foundation, a non-profit charity
that he helped found. The foundation provides vital
humanitarian, philanthropic aid and services for children
in need around the world.
Until 2008, Mr Clark was the Managing Director of
Sri Lankan Airlines. He is also a Fellow of the Royal
Aeronautical Society. His contributions to the aviation
industry and the subsequent growth of the tourism
industry in the UAE are truly remarkable. His pioneering
vision, meticulous planning and daring yet considered
decision making has been hugely significant in giving
flight to the Middle East’s largest provider of airport and
travel services and the airline continues to soar.
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