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Finally, meet the man behind Petrochem. PetrochemMiddle East FZE has transformed the face of
the regional petrochemical business andbecomeoneof the largest independent chemical distributors
in the Middle East. Let us kindly introduce to you Yogesh Mehta, born on 24th September 1959.
Yogesh started in Dubai from literally nothing and today presides over a petrochemical empire, he
has a plush Shaikh Zayed Road office overlooking Dubai’s landmark Twin Towers. Petrochem also
has offices in China, Singapore, India and the UK.
Yogesh Mehta, did his B.Sc (in chemistry) fromMumbai
University, National College Bandra in India. He took his
MBA from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management
and is also a Graduate from the highly acclaimed, Harvard
Business School.
He is an outgoing personality who has incredible social
and networking skills which made his initial career in sales
the obvious choice.
By 1982, Mehta’s entrepreneurial flair kick started the
beginning of his commercial journey to the present day
multi-billion dollar empire that he controls.
Unfortunately, in 1987 disaster struck and Mehta had lost
all his money. The loss is something he openly attributes
to his inexperience. However, like most entrepreneurs that
have experienced the rollercoaster ride of loss and gain, it
is the burning desire, belief, foresight and determination
that eventually leads to success.
He ended up in Dubai in 1990. This is how it all started.
With hard work, honesty and his addictive charm, the
business rapidly took off. He found a great partner in
London who was his original supplier of chemicals, with
whom he eventually set up a PetrochemMiddle East in
1994. He strongly illustrates his consideration for this
partner to be as close as family.
Mehta explains: “Our group turnover is now 1.3 billion
dollars. When the turnover hit 500 million dollars we had
arrived. After that, the rest is all icing on the cake.
He adds: “I am very fortunate, my employees don’t leave
my company unless they want to relocate back to their
home town. This is because we treat them like family. We
have 235 staff worldwide. From the tea boy to the sales
director, everyone is handpicked by me. We hire them for
their attitudes and aptitude.”
The role of Falguni, his wife, has been simply
overwhelming in Mehta’s rise to success. His son is now a
graduate from the North Eastern University at Boston.
Leisure Yogesh reveals: “Nowadays, I have more leisure
than work. I am a huge music buff. On a given day, I listen
to music for three hours. Closest to my heart is Indian
classical music.”
“The success of Dubai owes a lot to the infrastructure
that this country provides. You can set up a company in
two weeks straight. You have no red tape here. People
are work-oriented. If you are on the right side of the law,
nobody bothers you.”
“I have been in Dubai for 20 years now but I never
felt pressured to learn Arabic to become a successful
businessman here. This is a land of opportunities. There is
no city like Dubai. If I am lucky, I’ll die here in Dubai. I
swear by Dubai.”
His message to the youth?
“Youth must have education. Education brings discipline.
Gone are the days when people could survive without
education. The world is getting more competitive and
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