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Snoop Dog began life named Calvin Cordozar Broadus
(after his stepfather) in 1971 and whilst a youngster his
parents nicknamed him ‘Snoopy’. He began singing in
Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church and playing piano;
when he was in sixth grade. Despite regularly being in
trouble with the law, Snoop experimented with music and
rapping from an early age and cut his first tracks in 1991
with cousin Nate Dogg and Warren G as part of hip hop
group 213 (named after an LA area code). They recorded
their first demo in a back room of the now famous VIP
record store in Long Beach and, by chance, the tape was
heard at a house party by Dr Dre. He invited Snoop to
collaborate with him on his debut albumThe Chronic,
which was released in 1992 and immediately recognised
as one of the greatest hip hop records of all time. The rest
they say is history – suddenly the determined delinquent
was a superstar.
Thirteen years on, Snoop now has 11 solo albums to
his name, and boasts worldwide record sales topping
30 million. With such accolades under his belt, we
couldn’t wait for the show to start and it exceeded all
our expectations. As massive fans of his music it was
incredible to get the chance to see him perform up close
as Snoop Dogg performed in front of a sell out crowd. He
arrived on stage to thunderous welcome from an audience
of 10,000 of which we felt like a very privileged two.
Snoop drops it like it’s hot – and it is!
Proof that hip-hop is very much part of the music scene
in the Middle East, Snoop’s appearance in Abu Dhabi
had no problems pulling in the crowds. It was great to
see some of the region’s most promising up and coming
hip-hop artist take to the stage to perform some of their
own material – an experience they won’t forget in a hurry.
Performing his latest hits, including Prince William’s
bachelor party anthem ”Wet” off his latest studio album,
Doggumentary, Snoop Dogg had the crowd in the palms
of his hands and there’s no place we’d have rather been
for the evening. Unforgettable songs and old favourites
from the last two decades included tunes such as “Snoop
Doggy Dog”, “I Wanna Rock”, “Nate Dogg”, “Hypnotize”
and “Drop it”.
Performing legendary hits including “Sensual Seduction”
and “Kush”, the crowd was heaving with fans of rap music
from the Middle East and around the world who wanted
a piece of the action. The whole evening was a vibrant,
energetic event packed full of fun and astonishment – one
surprise being when Snoop appeared on stage wearing the
traditional Arab Kandoura. Despite the heat, he danced
and performed the first few songs wearing this gift from
the renowned Saudi designer and fan, Hatem Al Akeel.
His incredible show included moving tributes to his
cousin Nate Dogg who died in March from a stroke and
to Tupac Shkur and Biggie Smalls – two famous rappers
who were murdered.
Unlike many big stars these days – who are so inaccessible
– fans of Snoop Dog have formed a real connection to
him. Having tried his hand at TV and movie acting as
well as coaching a successful youth football league, Snoop
Dog has also embraced modern technological platforms
and social networking, making him more accessible to
his fans and so his popularity continues to rise. Whether
it’s belting out hits in a packed stadium or ringing out
from your mobile phone, Snoop seems to ‘rock it’
almost anywhere. He was definitely rocking it in the Yas
Arena. The crowd went wild throughout the evening,
dancing and getting their groove on as Snoop – ever the
showman – pulled out all the stops to keep us entertained.
Watching this hip-hop icon in action was such a thrill and
an experience we will always remember.
‘Doggumentary’ is a fitting title for his 11th studio album
as this is the man who from humble beginnings in Long
Beach has taken the world by storm and now occupies the
throne as the world’s most famous rapper. As anticipation
grows for his quickly approaching 11th studio album,
Snoop’s connection with his fans through his music also
grows. Reflecting everything that the world has come to
love about the man born Calvin Broadus, Doggumentary
combines some of the more verbose street raps that
initially propelled Snoop to stardom with the sort of
unpredictable collaborations that have made him a pop
culture phenomenon.
Now as purveyors of the fine things in life it might come as some surprise
that we’re more than a little partial to some hip hop and rap, but we like
to let our hair down from time to time and know how to rock it with
the greatest. And we were certainly in good company as we arrived at
the Yas Arena for Snoop Dogg’s sellout show. What a way to wrap up a
fantastic weekend of entertainment – the American superstar rapper and
self-proclaimed ‘Doggfather’ took the stage by storm at Yas Arena for a
sensational finale to the first Yas Island ShowWeekends. The ultimate buzz
for all hip hop fans in Abu Dhabi, there was an expectant vibe in the air as
news spread the Doggfather, Snoop Dogg was in town for one night only.