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Run-ins with the law from an early age may have thrust
Snoop further into the limelight but a fully fledged
American icon emerged amongst the controversy.
These days he seems to be showing signs of mellowing,
but his ardor is still very much alive in his music and
performance. You could feel the passion of the crowd
which was heating up from excitement and sheer numbers
and as Snoop continued to belt out classics from his
twenty year career, he generated a pulsating hip hop
state of mania that was completely infectious – it was an
amazing audience to be part of. Speaking to told Time
Out Abu Dhabi before his Yas Arena gig, the superstar
told them;
“The fans paid for Snoop Dogg and they gonna get Snoop
Dogg. I wouldn’t want to disappoint tha people that paid to
see me, ya dig?”
Well, disappoint is certainly not a word you’d associate
with Snoop, entertain on the other hand… After
entertaining the crowd for almost two hours everyone was
clapping, cheering and shouting out for an encore, but
in true superstar style, Snoop Dog left the stage leaving
us wanting more. As Snoop himself once proudly stated,
‘The world keeps spinning to the D-O-double-G’... Well,
we can’t speak for the world, but he certainly rocked the
Middle East!
A&J would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Flash
Entertainment and all the staff at the Arena for organising
such a fantastic event and giving us a unique night to
remember. Providing a fitting finale to a phenomenal six
months of entertainment in the capital, we can see why
Snoop Dogg’s shining star will continue to rise for many
years to come.
Globe-trotting tours and album shows are just a small
part of the Snoop Dogg Empire. A media machine in the
making, Snoop has never shied away from capitalizing
on his image. He has collaborated with the pop princess
Katy Perry, so knows how to work the mass market. He’s
lent his name to everyone from Chrysler cars to creators
of anti-virus software, insistently announcing, ‘Hack is
wack!’ from gigantic billboards. You can even download
his voice to your sat-nav so his dulcet tones can assertively
direct you on your travels. Coming seventh in Forbes
magazine’s 2010 richest rappers list with an estimated
turnover of US$15 million, Snoop has a shrewd business
head of his shoulders, but it’s not all about the money.
Snoop Dogg’s talent for remaining at the forefront of
popular culture and his natural ability to connect with his
fans is what keeps him relevant and sees thousands upon
thousands of fans flocking to his tours. Snoop’s steadfast
appeal to his legions of fans has grown from the strong
relationship they have built with him through his music
that has been everywhere.