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A new chapter is unfolding in the success story that is Abu Dhabi’s tourist boom. Saadiyat Island
is undergoing a remarkable transformation. In 2004, the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA)
commissioned the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) to take the stunning
Saadiyat Island and create a multi-faceted destination – a world-class leisure, residential, business and
tourist centre of global proportions, whilst also adhering to their important environmentally sensitive
philosophy. The story so far...
Journey to Saadiyat
The A&J diaries have seen us visit some remarkable places and experience exceptional things on our travels around Abu
Dhabi. From breathtaking beaches and desert resorts to unrivalled lavish accommodation and gastronomic delights, we
have been fortunate enough to relax in the lap of luxury on many an occasional, soaking up the rich culture and heritage
of a fascinating destination.
We love Abu Dhabi and all it encompasses with its welcoming environment that boasts one of the highest per capita
incomes and lowest crime rates in the world. The capital of the UAE is a truly cosmopolitan centre of business and
leisure that never fails to disappoint with its ever-evolving tourist attractions, luxury hotels, fine restaurants and
beautifully versatile natural landscape. A tempting climate and opulence on a grand scale contrasts wonderfully with
historical landmarks and breathtaking mosques for a vibrant cultural experience to treasure. Abu Dhabi certainly holds a
special place in our hearts and as regular visitors to one of the world’s fastest growing tourist attractions we are extremely
excited about the incredible transformation taking place just 500 metres off the coast.
Welcome to the Island of Happiness
Welcome to Saadiyat Island – a unique island that is set to become one of the most desirable international destinations
for the modern discerning traveller. ‘Saadiyat Island’ means ‘Island of Happiness’ and no name could be more apt
for what is currently being created. As the development process of Saadiyat Island is now well underway we eagerly
anticipate the creation of a world treasure – an island all-encompassing of a truly special cultural richness that will serve
its residents and welcome visitors alike with a social, emotional and environmental outlook that is forward thinking and
emotionally engaging.
The UAE is very modern in its approach to expansion and improvement projects and the scale of the Saadiyat Island
development is truly impressive. There is a vision for Saadiyat Island that extends far beyond your wildest dreams. The
entire project is due for completion by 2018 and is created around an eco-sensitive philosophy. With the ‘master plan’
already well underway, on completion, Saadiyat Island will be a hugely sought-after international tourism destination
which will be home to 145,000 residents and will attract thousands of visitors every year. If you would like to accept the
thrilling invitation, we would like to take you on a special tour that provides the ultimate sneak preview of the island
that will have everyone talking..